Ceng Yirong starting from the dream you and are the same kind of people



contributed by the author: Ceng Yirong, read (Nian.so) founder, incumbent Nurun Shanghai.

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are you in the same class as me,


my university four years just to play the game, big 4 was suddenly shouted to friends start to do B2C, do what two weeks didn’t get out to die, go to a friend and practice, I keep a heart get out of hand, and finally embarked on a road of entrepreneurship.

a person, not PS and CSS, PHP will not have heard of jQuery, will not promote the operation, not to mention the virus marketing, I do not know what the server and cloud concept. Three months later, my personal website on the line.

maybe you won’t be able to design and operate, but will be filled with a dream that will have a little impact on the world or a lot of influence. Maybe you thought he might be the next Jobs or Zuckerberg, but now you still like me nothing. Maybe one day in the future, there will be a person really came to ask you: "do you want to move a brick, or come with me and change the world?" perhaps after people started your creation, is that "more than $one billion cool things in legend".

if it’s not the time to save the world, when is it?


at first I was going to be a social network with no cat, dog, and gossip. Later, while trying to do, simply upgrade, do "summer battle" in the OZ world, the creation of a number of rooms, which can be instant communication, games and work. Later, I want to do the task of the rabbit, do a human resource supply and demand task platform. Now I’m doing is to record the game website dream, mechanism through many games, to let more people enthusiastically into the dream in the process.

I don’t know which of the above is the next one billion idea I missed, and I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing in the right direction. But the idea is a bunch of zeros in front of the figure, 1 is the gap between the 0 very far. Whether you focus on it or react quickly, you want it to be a real solution to your needs, enough to keep you going.


instant communication from the formation of ideas and web site prototype


I rely on PS / DW / AI to make. As an intern, I worked as a copywriter in an advertising company

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