Ali Copper Street entrepreneurial employees a fun nternet Financial

He Jun, copper street, the average amount of investment of about 20 thousand yuan, while the average transaction over the balance of treasure in the amount of 3000 yuan

financial weekly newspaper reporter Huang Jie / text

from Alipay after third years, He Jun returned to Hangzhou, at a distance of Alipay building 10 minutes Tianmushan Road No. 398, he started a company named copper street network science and technology company.

The name

APP on the line at the end of last year, six months after the operation, copper Street finally open up the transaction payment function, users can buy some goods based products on its platform, He Jun will be called the product copper Street 2, the balance of treasure Bilaodong home even in the morning line for several days, is also is the first domestic mobile terminal transactions platform.


later came in person, "the concept of Internet financial company, He Jun said All flowers bloom together.". Fortunately, however, shortly after the opening of the transaction, the copper Street on the IDG to bring tens of millions of dollars in investment. More money, but he did not want to lose money hard like BAT, will yield financial products per cent before the data increased to 8, 11, or even higher.

Of course, this result is

user growth is slow, but in Alipay with financial institutions with this man, seems to be in the next long game.

IDG capital

can now say that 2013 is the first year of Internet financial products, goods from the balance of treasure to BAT for fear of high low, from Zhong An insurance to the P2P crisis, the financial circles in the ecological chain slightly change.

On the other side of the

giant carnival, in the wave of mobile Internet, some startups also emerge in the Internet Banking for the application of emerge in an endless stream incision.

Since the second half of

, venture capital institutions are also very active, Sequoia Capital, IDG capital has injected similar enterprises, while the latter seems to be more active.

announced in September after the $10 million investment to dig up the money, after a lapse of 3 months, IDG capital has invested tens of millions of dollars on the street.

copper street and dig money in Hangzhou, before moving to Tianmushan Road, copper street is blessed in Pioneer Park incubator, which is digging fiscal resident, and He Jun and Li Zhiguo, but also with the Alibaba jiuchen.

in September we began to contact, can be said to be hit it off, after a month to make equity structure, in December announced financing matters." Compared with the general investment and financing announcement took a long time, He Jun feel that both sides of the cooperation is very efficient, it does not cover, in terms of start-up companies, timely promotion, but also an important means of access to the user.

as to why you choose to cooperate with IDG, He Jun said, IDG’s two partners, Li Feng and the sense of Internet banking on the is very good, and looking for investors, such as looking for a partner in general, need like-minded. IDG moves frequently in the field of Internet banking, its main in the field

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