Mytime mode of service will lead to a new round of O2O business tide


a few days ago I wrote an article "the integration of idle resources O2O case" article, which initially referred to the Mytime model, recently found that some friends are interested in, a lot of people to discuss the related problems and I decided to research our goods transit network in this team to share out.

what is Mytime?

products have a shelf life, but the service has timeliness". A piece of clothing sold today, tomorrow can then sell, but similar to Manicure / foot service like this, no one really took that day today. Just on the line mytime is a local business services booking, booking platform. For businesses, its significance lies in making services with time new sales, according to the different level of the peak period of dynamic price adjustment, a bit like a "special offer services". Or that it is going to buy the opposite direction, do fragmented sales segment. Do you want to say a foot recently, you can expect the scheduled time of the screening of a series of service businesses at that time to open, you have chosen a specific time can be directly paid to pick a reservation.

Mytime mode features

1, services more standardized, suitable for the service industry including KTV, foot massage, tickets (scenic spots, bathing, skiing, Wen Quan), Manicure, health, beauty salons such as photography photo (actually KTV and tourist attractions and other service businesses themselves already by setting different time to price, but the consumption stream) the highest frequency of catering services generally not suitable for eating, because time is a physiological law, it is difficult to regulate the consumption time;

2, for the user: the core is free time + more accurate reservation

a, a preferential price to buy the specified service consumption time, 24 hours before the consumer can cancel, consumption can not satisfied with the refund;

B, purchase at the same time booking, more suitable for current consumption;

3, for businesses:

a, is a leisure marketing platform, especially for all day real-time marketing services;

B, basic booking services free of charge for value-added services, 40% of the transaction amount;

C, to bring new users to commission, the old user does not extract Commission;

D, businesses can dynamically adjust their marketing strategies and service prices, etc., in accordance with their own service capabilities and store idle, in order to achieve maximum business revenue, similar to airline ticket sales model.

comparison of the advantages of group buying model

1, the reservation has been difficult to buy the model is widely criticized by users of the main issues, and Mytime by specifying the consumption time of the service directly to circumvent the

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