Literary website to make money

‘s personal website can be said to be innumerable, but I am afraid not to make money the personal website of the total number of 30%, why is there such a big gap, the key is our personal webmaster not find the right direction, but did not find the right way, the site was built, but the way to earn money to go without me! Also take a lot of detours, but I am willing to share my experience! If you think is wrong, please correct me, a piece of communication. My group: novel network official group: 57205041.

because my web site is a novel network, so the first to say that a literary website category!

1, literary website.

first: let’s start with the ad!

this I will simply say, and this is a common sense. Is to increase our traffic, embedded GG, MM, such as text ads and image ads click on our audience to get revenue.

second: selling things.

such as our fiction website, we not only offer a novel reading, and can also be fiction books to sell, if our website do good, I believe this is a good way, let the audience feel we will have some authority.

third: charge for reading.

this is to have a certain reputation of the site. Now there are a lot of literary network now take charge system you spend money to read novels they make money, or the establishment of membership system, with time or click to charge. The most famous is " banyan under ". There are a number of sites, under the banner of fundraising, donations can get VIP identity, in fact, is a disguised form of charges.

fourth: my book.

this is more difficult, it will take a long time to complete.

fifth: Download site.

depends on the number of downloads to collect fees, but do this site is very easy to have a high flow, do not need a lot of publicity, updates do not like news. Personal site at the beginning should not rely on or take up resources (space, bandwidth, manpower, etc.) over the project.

sixth: there is a good site to do a good job of the site became very famous and then sold directly to make money.

and some are about other but not too, so it is not to say, it is going to write what station is the most profitable, but the drain and the face is too wide, now there is not much time, but next time to write novels, small network: 2009.6.29 day starting Admin5, such as reprint please indicate this link.

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