The station advertising experience to talk about money

Make friends is to make money, I begin to do a website to now has been a year since last year, summarize the experience in advertising on the station:

1, the station put into operation in about three months, IP no more than 300, did not think of and alliance advertising, later because the search engine has included, more than 1000 IP and with some experience on the site do not need a lot of energy, began to consider some alliance.

2, the alliance is hard to find, favorites probably add more than and 20, also tried a few, ha ha, everyone laughed! It’s impossible to receive money! More than a month on the IP1000 station, from the Union over the income of more than 5 yuan are not, so all of them, to give them a contribution, do? Haha, it’s all the same!

3, BAIDU GOOGLE, began to do: the other alliances are removed, only with BAIDU and GOOGLE, and the GOOGLEAD BAIDU promotion and put together, oh, the letter one day GOOGLE:

in reviewing your account, we noticed that you display Google ads ***.***.*** web page contains other content related ads or text ads.

if the other contained in advertisements on the page of Google advertising constitute a competitive relationship, Google AdSense plan policy does not allow to display Google ads on the page. This includes all of the text ads and content related advertising, such as your website for the publish other content related to advertising / text ads advertisers advertising. We allow affiliate and limited text links. However, we are not allowed to display text ads that mimic the Google ads directly, and are not allowed to display text ads that may be confused with the Google AD and attempt to link to the Google ad.

in order to comply with our policy, please delete all the web pages of your website in the Google advertising or competitive advertising.

if you have other questions, please visit our support page AdSense. If you can’t find the answer to your question on our website, please reply to this email.

Google from AdSense group

hum! Don’t welcome me? Removed most of the GGAD, only retained the BAIDU.

4, the first pen income: by chance, a web site management and I contact to do their alliance, feel the site is good, on the

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