The United States claimed to subvert the pattern of the electricity supplier industry believes that

(reporter Zhu Jianhe) the United States can not sit still. Jingdong announced at the mall completed a new round of financing, Suning announced the adjustment of the framework of the company around the electricity supplier business, Gome group senior vice president, chairman of Gome online Mou Guixian said yesterday that the United States not out in business competition, and is made from an industry "Challenger" grow into "the pattern of electricity supplier insurgents., comeback.

Mou Guixian said, "the United States that the traditional retail business, in spite of the starting time and the initial force strength slightly lag and insufficiency, but once straighten out the force, its explosive force is no retail gene and experience of pure business and beyond."

Mou Guixian said that although the United States online market position is still not enough to become a leader, but business is an industry, need to have the foundation of support are the facts. Mou Guixian pointed out that the United States has nearly 1700 stores in the country, the logistics center and the next line of the 400 members of the United States, which will bring a steady increase in the country’s electricity supplier business income in the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and China, the United States and the United States and China, the United States and the United States and China, the United States and China, the United States and the United States and the.

Mou Guixian also said that the United States will be profitable online this year, and strive to achieve the scale of business in 2015 reached the order of one hundred billion yuan. United States online story has just begun, the next 3 years it needs to grow more than 10 times in order to achieve the strategic goal of one billion. As long as at that time, the United States and the United States as well as the United States and the United States online group, to be able to turn from a potential and the challenger is turned into a real electricity supplier pattern of subversion".

overall situation has set the United States worried about the future

e-commerce industry veteran Lu Zhenwang said that the current domestic electricity suppliers pattern has been basically established, Ali, Jingdong and mall has occupied a dominant position in a short period of time, the other is difficult to pry this pattern. While in the open platform, the Jingdong and Suning are now in great efforts to the construction, coupled with the Alibaba has been very mature, domestic retailers increasingly concentrated to several major platforms, so the United States like other open platform, the day will be more difficult.

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