ZTE B2C in the final examination


technology founder Mr. Xiao Fang said, ZTE hope next time don’t the water cube in Beijing on this tall place to open the conference, but choose a relatively affordable place.


, eight thousand people "as the hammer mobile phone last night in Shanghai Benz Mercedes cultural center Luo powder conference", each company has its own different character, and character corresponding to the taste. This taste is reflected in the market is the venue, marketing methods; reflected in the product, is the product strategy, pricing.

ZTE recently launched a 18 months to build a mobile phone products, aimed at high-end business market, while the hammer has just released a thousand mobile phone nuts, the main market for young people.

is the same as the desire for success, but the taste of the line is completely opposite.

Compared to

hammer and other cutting-edge manufacturers, compared to HUAWEI and other Chinese cool union members, ZTE may face the following challenges:

transition from B2C

to B2B

ZTE’s success in the U.S. market, thanks to its B2B model, the operator is the mainstream user purchase channels, and domestic channels are mainly B2C, a variety of online electricity supplier website.

in other words, the user has changed the channel to buy, the reasons for the purchase has changed. Prior to the purchase by the operator, and now is in a variety of online electricity supplier website online shopping; before the purchase may be due to operator subsidies, and now is concerned about mobile phone configuration and performance.

to B2C transformation, ZTE secret AXON in the United States for the first time to take the public offering, for the operator’s benefit; accumulated in the beauty of the brand to ZTE, both sold out within half an hour. It seems that in the eyes of Americans, ZTE mobile phone is not only inexpensive, but also has the strength to make high-end flagship phone.

in the domestic market, B2C channels can not be ignored, cutting-edge mobile phone manufacturers are rising here; and the traditional channel operators can not be ignored, HUAWEI and other manufacturers will be sold via the channel operators. ZTE transformation B2C, not completely abandon the operator; but to self challenge and transformation, the need to organize, integrate, deploy operators and the power of online electricity supplier.

happens, AXON in the United States provides a reference to the transformation of B2C experience.

do marketing, storytelling


head Ceng Xuezhong said: AXON is probably the secret history of Android’s flagship best.


problem is how, "the history of the best Android phone" concept passed to China users? Millet speaking fans culture, they are selling hammer feelings, to tell the story of the master. HUAWEI glory of the progress of the same speed, also emphasis on technical details and your strength. At this stage of ZTE’s marketing strategy, mainly with NBA and other institutions, such as VIVO mobile phone in Hunan satellite tv.


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