Shopping sites, cattle, and consumers happy

at present, online shopping has become a new fashion, accompanied by the birth of a large number of shopping sites have sprung up.

in the business community, similar businesses will lead to more intense competition, and the results of the competition is naturally benefit consumers. So, the shopping site competition for consumers really enjoy what benefits? The day before, the author conducted a special survey.

reasonable price concessions people

industry insiders said: the biggest advantage of the site’s shopping is cheap, if the site in order to make the most benefit in the shortest possible time, set the price high. I’m sorry, it’s scaring customers away."

the author of the survey to do a few more successful shopping site prices cheaper than the physical market 20% – 30%. For example, with a similar price Sports City store is 7-7.9 fold, special offer sports shoes, sports apparel, sports equipment, sports goods accessories area is lower to 70 percent off. Beidou mobile phone network is lower than the price of the same store products about 20%.

in addition, if the site promotions, buyers can enjoy more concessions. For example, two promotional monthly newsletter, the price is as low as 90 percent off.

products to impress people

I understand that the shopping site is now very rich in goods, in some professional shopping sites can find almost all well-known brands. For example, with sports city as a professional sports goods website, its goods include sportswear, sports shoes and accessories and other equipment, you can buy Nike, Adidas, Lining, Reebok and other brands of capa.

in addition, the author also in a number of websites, such as excellence, also learned that: through strict purchase channels and quality assurance commitment, the sale of real estate industry has become the norm. For example, the city of gold’s movement with a mall and many other websites have launched a "lost ten" and Alipay payment "double insurance", "let the buyer less money worries.

a large number of online shopping consumers to accept the interview with the author, said: compared with previous years, the site is now more and more abundant goods, more and more formal. Consumer Li Xiaojie told the author that she was basically the last two years of daily necessities online shopping, online shopping no less than 200 times a year, but the probability of buying fake almost zero.

excellent service warm people

survey shows that the most hate is when consumers buy things, the waiter love to ignore, sometimes even doubt yourself not to buy things, but something white lost to all sense of shame.

accepted the interview with the majority of the site responsible person said that they are very understanding of the customer’s psychology, and focus on the operation of the site to solve similar problems.

experience in the purchase of the 20 shopping site, there are 16 set up a customer service for 24 hours, the buyer can reply in time. And 100% >

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