Group purchase website purchase trick build brand near the famous blind users

buy site is the biggest attraction to consumers. In order to attract users, the site must ensure that users find enough interest in the goods or services; and in order to ensure the normal operation of the website or profitable, and must negotiate with provide the goods or services businesses out of a low enough price. According to the latest data, in June the number of national buy site has exceeded 5000. The group purchase website of fierce fighting in a market, whether it is the procurement personnel, or high quality and inexpensive goods and services, are not likely to suddenly increase so much. At this time, there are some buy site in the stock on the move up the mind.

made famous brand

buy goods in the group, the famous brand is a very common practice. From the South small factory into a batch of goods, will be put on the dazzling "resume" packaging, international brands, and then set a low price too high to be reached and unbelievable discounts, a single group purchase is done. Anyway, group purchase copy itself is advertising, some proper nouns, adjectives can be used in large amounts, such as packing out the brand, consumers buy very happy, also can obtain the income of group purchase website (sales prices have been higher than the purchase price), it seems you like.


of a group purchase group purchase website has launched as an example, the group purchase products for the "" TIGEND "series of new second generation tiger Royal chef Wang 304 smoke-free medical stainless steel three layer composite smoke-free non stick pan, the market price is marked 1535 yuan / pot + tableware, 228 for group purchase price a discount of up to 85% off yuan.

in the product document that, in addition to enumerate product advantages, and similar products to do price comparison, there is such a text: "TIGEND" tiger "Royal chef series of three layer composite smoke-free non stick pan (original products exported to Europe and the United States), products have been exported to the United States, Germany and more than a dozen European countries…… ISO9001, CE, Germany TUV, GS and other international quality certification……"


, TIGEND or TIGEND using Google search tag word will find search results almost entirely from the group purchase website, the occasional individual is Taobao link.

a group buying industry observers told reporters that now buy site build cost is very low, a website system can be purchased 300 yuan, buy a domain name to rent a server can be opened. If you do not have a strong enough human procurement team, go to Taobao or some small factory purchase, and then packaged as an international brand-name single, is to create a quick and popular money approach. Therefore, in the purchase of such goods, make good use of Google search to understand the truth of the so-called international brand, you can avoid being fooled.

near famous brand

there are some buy site, claiming to reach cooperation with international brands, and even get the other party authorized, you can sell some brand-name products. The group purchase looks very formal, in fact there are doorways.


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