A brief analysis of the survival way of local small and medium group buying websites

the author of an article "small group purchase website traffic where" about the traffic problem, a low cost flow, small group purchase site on the basis of survival, but long-term development and growth, but also pay attention to the construction of website content.

now has the most group purchase website code, earth dimension, love, among which the most popular is the soil, they first launched a free web site in the code, the majority of small and medium-sized group purchase cost considerations, most of them chose the soil free code, the code for the PHP, after a complete system upgrade repeatedly now has been basically perfect, because of its wide popularity, more web site templates. Buy the webmaster can be easier to find their own low-cost template, the site’s interface into a more popular mode now, to give users a better experience.


project is the priority among priorities group purchase group purchase website development, but in the current situation, small and medium-sized group purchase website is very difficult to get a good group purchase project, the first group purchase website to tieqian mode (i.e., group purchase projects lose money doing business for 30 yuan, 28 yuan to sell the group purchase website); prepayment mode (the advance payment amount of a certain number of group purchase to merchants, and sold to users, on-line) exclusive agent model, almost a monopoly of all quality businesses, how to do small group purchase website? I think we can from the following several aspects:


1 Bishijiuxu, small group purchase website do not have money, do not have so much money, do not contact the high-quality businesses, you can contact some often do group purchase ordinary businesses, they have been more familiar with the operation process, group purchase, has a certain degree of awareness of group purchase, good talk, this group purchase project although not attractive. But on the web site can also charge facade, how many earn. In addition a sign group purchase website projects are generally very formal, require businesses to company qualification, seal, the money hit the company accounts, for some self-employed small shops, are not up to the requirements, but also there is no lack of high-quality businesses these small businesses, they can also serve as the focus of our development.

2 professional development, such as jumei.com group purchase market segments, specializing in cosmetics, we can do hairdressing, health care, or photo album, such concessions greatly, businesses are more willing to participate in group purchase promotion, it is helpful to do site features, a firm foothold in the fierce competition.

3 innovative model, buy the site is generally paid by the user to buy the site through the Internet, and then to the consumer business, after the end of the consumption period, buy network and then to the merchant knot. In this mode, the merchant settlement cycle is too long, to advance a certain amount of money, relatively good sales of group purchase items, businesses will pay millions, even tens of millions, so during the group purchase site closures or Juankuan escape, businesses lose everything, face a great risk. Small and medium-sized buy network can be considered to talk about the way to buy advertising, such as businesses pay a month’s advertising costs, buy online buy items, the customer to the store to pay directly to businesses.

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