A hundred good shop checked Pukou four crown the owner was arrested

police comrades, to reflect the situation with you……" In mid October this year, Pukou District, Taishan village police station community police visited the District, residents reported a family of abnormal situation. It turned out that this family rented here, a large number of parcels every day, and I do not know what to do, always feel strange."

four crown shop hiding residential area

community police went to see, found that the house has four or five young people, piled boxes everywhere, which contains a variety of styles of clothing. One asked, this is a shop, shop is a couple. Two people graduated from a university in the north, went to Nanjing opened a shop, business is doing very well.

scene without any suspicious circumstances, the police followed the box on the label, copied a few brand names, ready to return to the police station registration. But after returning, the police found that the Internet search, copy back several brands are big names, one of the most famous is South Korea, a hundred good".

How "

brand clothes will be in such a humble shop?" the police feel strange, will be reflected to the Pukou Public Security Bureau of economic investigation brigade. Economic Investigation Brigade police investigation found that this humble shop, it is a "four crown" seller (Note: in Taobao, the seller more than 10000 deals, known as the crown seller. Four crown seller, referring to the seller transaction reached 100001-200000 pen).

sells "tail goods", nameless shop fire


shop counters and hundreds of thousands of dollars of clothes, but here only in accordance with 2-4% of sales, is the real thing? Pukou police will be informed to the quality supervision department, and contact the "100" China general agent. "Hundred good" company said that their products will only be sold directly in the country stores, counters and hundreds of good official website.

Pukou police further investigation found that the shop has sold fake, suspected of infringing sales. In November, police questioned the couple. After investigation, confirmed her husband and hired staff responsible for packing, online communication and sales are the boss himself.

investigation, this shop has opened more than two years, a mediocre business start. In January this year, the boss Zhou learned that the brand can buy clothes from some factories in the south of the "tail goods", she boldly purchase sales, and retained the "100" trademark. As a result, buyers surge, business fire.

from August to October this year, 3 months time, the shop every day sales are more than one hundred, and buyers praise rate is very high, this shop soon became the four crown shop.

alleged infringement of sales, the boss was released on bail pending trial

mastered the preliminary evidence, the Pukou police joint quality supervision department seized the shop’s business premises, seized nearly 600 boxes of clothing, more than 1 pieces, with a hundred good brand clothing >

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