Taobao customers into the product segments in order to survive

has a group of people active in Taobao to promote products for others on the market, called Taobao. Taobao off, is currently a grassroots webmaster hope to earn a revenue model through the network. Clearly, Taobao’s charm lies in its high commission and high credibility. I believe a lot of people to come to the site once enough traffic, can not be linked to Ali mother products to promote the link, which is the use of Taobao passenger traffic sales of products.

however, as part of the Internet to make money in one of the Taobao model, in the past two years, the increasingly fierce competition, the promotion of poor strength is basically zero income, the execution is not strong basically do not make money. How to be able to get from the fierce development of Taobao passenger ranks? The pioneer that selection of products is crucial, directly determines the quantity of your income and the degree of competition.

product selection, we should jump out of the Red Sea products, from high profit products to a single product development. What is the high know products? Such as weight-loss products, breast products, anti acne products…… These products, if you want to do, unless you have enough confidence and patience to adhere to, it is difficult to get a good ranking. You know, this high profit products after nearly two years of promotion, has basically done rotten, do not have the. Choose it, as to set up a level of their own, whether or not, is still unknown.

, however, the choice of products instead of more advantages than disadvantages. What products? If you want to do slimming products, you don’t choose to speak generally, rarity LVSHOU promotion, because the choice of LVSHOU slimming products than your choice of weight loss products this Guan Jian word, easier to get good rankings. You can also choose other products, for example if you want to promote a wedding gift, on the choice of product segments in 925 Sterling Silver Pendant, which is subdivided. For example, you can choose to do the diapers breakdown products promotion……

, however, many segments of the product is not too hot. Because it is divided, so the index is not particularly high, and some commissions are relatively low. So, many people look down on the nature of this little money. However, due to its low competition, it is very easy to optimize, the webmaster is definitely a kind of confidence to encourage.

how to adhere to optimize a year before they can earn high profits products, and requires only 2 months on the optimization to the first Baidu products and revenue of this product, which do you prefer? Obviously, just join the ranks of the money online friends, choose the latter is a kind of knowing move.

of course, it depends on individual ability and courage. If you are strong, you can use action to prove their ability to stand out in the long competition, if not, you should start from the point of view, to build their own network to make money. This article is provided by the 115 gift network, reprint please retain the original.


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