Wisdom in the bid an entertainment on the rise of the electricity supplier, to purchase virgin land!

With the diversified development of the market, people’s demand for shopping is no longer stay in the acquisition of goods, more stay in the process of getting the goods and after-sale link

. Therefore, this year we saw more and more businesses began to fight the service campaign, the focus of competition to the transfer of after-sales.

in prevailing electricity supplier industry, in addition to the above mentioned "service campaign" in the sale of part of the virgin soil has been dug, the recent highly sought after in the younger age groups of "bid treasure" is the best mode of online shopping.


wisdom in bid was the official bid treasure definition

if you want to explain why bid treasure mode on-line fame, it must first understand their mode of operation.

bid treasure is similar to the electricity supplier website wisdom in the bid was (www.110bid.com) original model. You can enter the wisdom in bid have to choose a piece of merchandise to participate in bid po. All commodity prices are 0 yuan for each participant, "bid", commodity prices only rose 0.01 yuan, 10 seconds no longer bid, finally bid participants can be the current price to buy goods. Participants every "bid" will deduct a certain amount of virtual currency, but if the bid treasure fails, simply make up the difference can also be purchased goods purchased.


bid treasure play

initial tipping point – ridiculously cheap charm

in bid treasure mode, the purchase price of goods is often the ultimate ridiculous. Less than 100 yuan iPhone, dozens of dollars of motorcycles and a lot of ridiculous low price was born.

rise in the CPI today, the concept of low price in the business competition is indispensable, the word "special" has never been absent from any one of the retail business advertising. The wisdom of the starting point in the bid is also cheap, but under the bid treasure mode ridiculous cheap grab the eye, but more importantly, this model allows the price of the dominant consumer. Everyone has an expected price in mind, give up more than expected.


Iphone 5S

sold $28.43

core competence — entertainment of shopping process

if you experience bid treasure, you will find that bid treasure like a game. The success of the game, won the "price shopping" qualification; the game failed to fill the post purchase, which is more than a game company of some kind.

to spend as little as possible to obtain the success of bid treasure, you need to continue to think with other users of the game, the use of the existing rules of the site to create their own advantages

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