Squid network the pioneer of electronic business platform

The current

mobile phone, the electricity supplier industry develops like a raging fire, offline stores such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain emerged, mobile phone market is just under the line of dragons and fishes jumbled together, rampant fakes, price transparency is far less than the online business platform, but also deliberately guide sales may make you miss the good mobile phone. The third party business platform based on squid network flow, as a pioneer of electronic business platform, expand their business scope and the radiation service areas, providing a more affordable channel for mobile phone buyers.

After all,

mobile phone belongs to the category of 3C, high level of standardization, especially suitable for online transactions. Squid network using the Internet to optimize the business model, focusing on mobile phones, 3C accessories, intelligent hardware and other products sales, procurement, experience, distribution, recycling and maintenance. Through the integration of online and offline channel resources, reshape the industrial value chain, the squid network gradually realize the layout of the whole industry service platform to lay a solid foundation. Consumers can obtain abundant information of mobile phone, and can buy various brands of various types of mobile phone, mobile phone accessories, tablet computer, digital camera and notebook and other electronic products, the price is much lower than the market price. And all the goods are genuine licensed to provide formal invoices, enjoy Quanguolianbao, letting you have no menace from the rear. In addition, the squid network also has a one-stop service of digital communications, can be better in the mobile terminal, PC side of the precise marketing, so that consumers can buy at ease.



network as a pilot in Shanghai, pioneering to provide a full range of home services and two hour express service, including door-to-door delivery, pickup and maintenance of customer service service, two hours door-to-door, in one step, greatly improve the service efficiency, enhance the customer experience.

compared with the traditional price war, squid net depth involved, "Festival", "big promotion" as an excuse to launch platform for commodity prices, to attract more customers to buy platform; and every kind of "gifts" and "full" and other preferential measures, to a specific point in time when there will be a "promotion", "the anniversary" of a kind of activity, all of this are to provide the most cost-effective services for consumers.

Sales experience of mobile communication terminal products

network has many years of squid, consumer terminal communication is committed to advanced, stylish and value-added service products in the national market in sales and marketing, have an excellent reputation and brand satisfaction.

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