WiFi partner Lian Zhiyao 0 30 million users to gather input costs how to make

April 23rd, WiFi companion version V2.3 landing Tencent application platform grand treasure first, from the Tencent open platform data show that the WiFi companion episode downloads exceeded 600 thousand, an increase of 600% active users than the previous episode. After this spurt of growth, the number of users WiFi partner successfully exceeded 30 million. And to achieve this number, from July 2012 WiFi partner first version of the line less than two years.

looking back more than two years of business history, WiFi partner CEO Lian Zhiyao think, for developers, the early start is best not to think too much, because if you put all the difficulties and obstacles have thought of it, maybe I would not dare to begin". At the same time, as an innovative tool for the class of applications, WiFi partner successfully gathered 30 million users, 0 is the cost to promote investment. Next, let us walk into the story of the success of WiFi partners and mobile Internet era.

: don’t want to venture too much dare to start

The beginning of the story of the

WiFi partner may not be a typical entrepreneurial legend.

2012 Lian Zhiyao and two other founders, are still engaged in communications operators network services related work. Thanks to the work background, even Zhi Yao and his buddy understands communications operators message will deploy public wireless network in the country. At the same time, with the popularity of smart phones, the demand for wireless internet access is growing. Here, Lian Zhiyao sees the opportunity.

to do a common user access to the operator’s free WiFi network of products, the idea of gradually formed in Lian Zhiyao’s mind. In this way, even Chi Yao took two friends together to develop a WiFi partner such a product.

at the beginning of Lian Zhiyao and partners did not realize that they are in the business, but simply want to do a useful product for users. At that time, the three founders have their own work, WiFi partner is only in the rest of the work of the hobby".

Lian Zhiyao said that at that time the idea is very simple, is to make a product, a product useful to the user, does not want to have to do what did not want to profit model, cost control and so on these things. In retrospect, Lian Zhiyao was very fortunate to have such a state, because if you put all the difficulties and obstacles have thought of it, maybe I would not dare to begin".

promotion: 0 30 million users to gather input costs

July 2012, the first release of the WiFi companion is officially released. At that time the grass root entrepreneur Lian Zhiyao, naturally there is no money to do what promotion, forum, Post Bar, mobile phone game player community…… These channels will become the beginning of WiFi companion shelves of the application market".

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