What is Taobao generation operation Business school for you to answer

In the Taobao

market, for the status quo between Taobao operators and enterprises, is still in short supply, especially for a reliable professional on behalf of the operating companies, is to grab the head broken and bleeding. B companies see the rapid rise of the A enterprises, through various means, A hired corporate trader C D spent a lot of companies see enterprise investment, but the results are not always on the go, the D business operation was sentenced to death.

called Taobao generation operation, as the name suggests, is a Taobao business entrust store daily operation, management, marketing, promotion and other work to professional on behalf of the operating companies, with rich shop management, and well trained operators Taobao for sellers of all-weather operating shops, effectively improve the visibility of the shop sales. And reputation, fast, professional and safe to improve store core competitive advantage, the seller shops entrusted to the generation of operating companies, is responsible for shipping and other simple work, all the rest of the work on behalf of the operating companies.

with carriers adhering to college for the purpose of customer service, carry out extensive market research, combined with their own actual Taobao for the seller to provide one-stop professional services on behalf of the operators, including the following five aspects:


1 network sales platform, operation and planning: a combination of brand and consumer online sales network to determine the brand positioning, the establishment of a complete project team for each customer, and assist the seller to develop their team, provide in Taobao high flow e-commerce platform for one-stop service. According to the brand positioning to determine the design style, and provide professional web design.

2 brand marketing: regular theme activities launched in the market promotion activities, Taobao fixed regular, SEM SEO optimization improve store click rate and conversion rate, shop regular station promotion, to maximize resources in the interests of advertising planning and tracking feedback, help sellers Taobao train and other marketing tools to promote the use of.

3 product photography and graphic design services: professional visual marketing team to provide advice and confirm with customer requirements from the shooting style, style, model, makeup and collocation, scene selection, customers can participate in the treatment of later images: color, proportion, structure adjustment, page dotting, with a design element.

4 store online operation services: industry, brand, store sales data statistics analysis, the formation of the sales team, based on data support precision sales and improved feedback. Shop data and company orders and inventory system to get through, to achieve synchronization management. Provide logistics interface, provide training to customer logistics department. Use store management software for daily store operation and monitoring.

The overall scheme of the

5 enterprise e-commerce: solutions for customer tailored from the platform to a set of electricity supplier brand promotion plan, choose the best channel integration, network operators will provide senior platform standard operating guidance services, to help customers improve their operational skills.

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