Said Gaopeng and F group merger on the agenda


technology news April 13th evening news, although Gaopeng and F group of merger rumors have been silent, but media reports said the merger has entered the agenda: Gaopeng had summoned all the area manager to discuss the merger.

according to the owners of the house reported that Gaopeng (micro-blog) has announced a merger with the F group in the interior, and summoned all the district manager from the capital, discussing a merger. The official declined to comment on the matter is still high, which had previously stressed that Groupon will not withdraw from the Chinese.

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day before the forum broke the news, Gao Peng and F group business will be integrated, as early as April 20th, the late May before the completion of the merger and reorganization. However, there is no specific merger details outflow.

F group, Gaopeng common background is a Tencent investment, some analysts believe that the Tencent plays an important role in the process of acquisition, after Tencent CEO Ma Huateng had on the reasons in the frustration of Chinese Gaopeng: the preparation is not sufficient, the late line too fast.

at the same time, the Tencent also owns the QQ group purchase business, internal resources and capacity in the will and F group, Gaopeng repeated.

had tried to handle network, Wo Wo Group IPO has been difficult, capital loss of group purchase interest. Analysts believe that the industry to buy from the prosperity of the current dilemma, the need to continue to maintain the integration of development. After the emergence of Youku potatoes in the video industry, after the event, the industry will usher in more integration. (Cui Xi)

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