EBay Greater China Lin Yizhang China’s electricity supplier export trends

reporter Yang Linhua Beijing reported

early in November 27th, eBay released the Greater China cross-border e-commerce retail export industry map. The report said: China’s eight cross-border electricity supplier retail outlets are Guangdong, Hongkong, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Beijing, Taiwan, Jiangsu and Fujian. Among them, Fujian, Zhejiang and Jiangsu were 76.1%, 56.1% and 52% growth rate to become the fastest growing cross-border export center. In addition, the most popular category in order of global buyers were electronics, fashion, furniture and gardening and auto parts, furniture, auto parts and gardening fashion has become the fastest growing category three.

this report and eBay global technology trends and other issues, the afternoon of November 27th, eBay global vice president, Greater China CEO Lin Yizhang accepted an exclusive interview with the economic news reporter in twenty-first Century.

million dollar seller trend is obvious

twenty-first Century: compared with last year, this year, China or cross-border e-commerce retail outlets in the world what are the obvious changes in


Lin Yizhang: the first trend is the "big" sellers do more and more big, extended very much, I am here to say "big sellers" is defined as tens of millions of dollars. Usually they will have two characteristics, one is to sell a large quantity, and the two is also a lot of product categories. This talk seems very easy, but if you think about it, the first thing he was selling in large quantity, said inventory is large, then the IT system is very complex, and sold to 200 countries around the world rather than to a person, which means that the operation is very complex. I think this is a new model, nobody does it like this, which makes his competitiveness is very strong, the price is low, low price and good things to him, it will cause other than medium-sized sellers now also feel pressure, should also expand.

and I said so many categories, is also very interesting, because you have to sell things to purchase, to judge the quality of things is good, to study will have sales, this is a very complicated system, I think these China sellers have developed a very unique business model. This is a clear trend that I have seen this year.

"twenty-first Century": what makes you feel more profound?

Lin Yizhang: for example, auto parts, the seller is not Chinese before, before we are in the sale of electronics and clothing, furniture and parts but now these two categories will come up, and more and more sellers want to sell this stuff. A few years ago said more bluntly, some of the items we may design didn’t look good, not on the level, quality is not good enough, but now it will not, like clothes, Home Furnishing class, including auto parts etc..

auto parts involving safety, safety is not good, who dare to use your stuff? Of course auto also relates to a decorative appearance, because a lot of things, foreigners will now come.

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