Pat home to change the domain name to Jingdong

renamed China ( April 16th news, today, the Jingdong will be this year’s focus on building the O2O platform "take home" was renamed "Jingdong home", and enable two domain station.



: Jingdong home page

it is understood that, when the film was launched, its website domain name is, is also a two domain name. Today, the Jingdong to shoot home changed its name to Jingdong home, but the one changed to pdj". Whether it is to shoot home or Jingdong home, the corresponding domain name has been registered. Such as domain name,, etc..

and it is worth mentioning that Larry domain is president and CEO of the 58 city to hundreds of million yuan price to win, I do not know whether it is to launch the "58 home" related products. In any case, O2O platform Jingdong home Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong personally caught the project, whether it will be the corresponding domain name acquisition and enable, or continue to use the two domain name, worth a visit!

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