The benefits of plagiarism driven by the needs of your idea others are not copied



last week, PickRide anti plagiarism thing is quite serious. Although I tried the PickRide product, I feel very bad, but still support the founder of PickRide condemned plagiarism, the pursuit of their own rights and interests of behavior. But today we are not going to discuss this thing is true or otherwise, just to say my views on plagiarism.

plagiarism is available anywhere, including the internet. Apple apple from Xerox, Microsoft copy copy, now and then to a topic China Internet most criticized, plagiarism has become an ingrained Westerners on the mainland Internet opinion. And in particular, thanks to a gang of Internet heavyweights, such as plagiarism started Tencent, not only to allow the Chinese people to see plagiarism can be successful, but also opened the prelude to the history of Chinese Internet plagiarism.

in the past, plagiarism is indeed a very high success rate of a way. This is mainly because the network is not so developed, lack of information, differences in different countries, serious user habits of users localization significantly, and before the Internet users are still in the early stage, so a good product will soon be able to get the user, whether he is not plagiarism.

but now, the rapid development of the network, various countries are increasingly open, many products start to face the global users, all of the gaps mentioned above have been reduced, the user’s cognitive level and the product requirements are constantly improve, so if a product is plagiarism, most users do not use a similar product. This will not have the meaning of plagiarism, the possibility of plagiarism is also getting higher and higher.

actually broken up, there are three kinds of plagiarism.

is the first direct competition plagiarism, that is, in the same market, the basic logic of the product are the same, but some details such as UI color is not the same. This type of plagiarism is basically no doubt, now not many people stupid to do such a thing. If this type of plagiarism is successful, there is only one reason: unfair competition. For example, when Microsoft IE beat bundled Netscape, belongs to this kind of a series of products, Tencent are also so.

but now, even through unfair competition, it is difficult to succeed. For a period of time before the Facebook name of the name of hacker spirit plagiarism SnapChat made out of Poke, although the same day on-line Poke rushed to the free list first position, but soon fourth days fell to 34, while the SnapChat back to the top three positions.

second is in different markets, due to the user’s language, cultural habits, etc., the birth of a localized plagiarism, such products are the most common type of plagiarism. European Samwer three brothers plagiarism factory is doing so, China’s Tumblr plagiarism >

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