E-commerce sites have turned off the electricity supplier winter really coming

today, there is news that under the banner of e-commerce website product poly network is about to close, and the grand gathering of goods on the network in less than three months. Then think of these 30 days even with the closure of the three e-commerce sites, respectively, is a grand gathering of goods network, luxury website called ha network and NetEase Shang shang. Some media commented that the winter has come, e-commerce, then whether the real electricity supplier in the winter coming?

three reasons for the collapse of the electricity supplier website

grand products together, is due to enter is almost monopolized by Taobao’s C2C market, due to Taobao in the C2C field of a single large, grand into the field of difficulties, even the beginning of speculation grand "exactly what medicine to sell". Product clustering network founder Ge Binbin said the site shut down is the main reason for financing is not in place, I don’t want to leave a mess, close the site is not the way.


luxury site Huha network, is said to be one of the Chinese ten luxury site, close to the way the most shocking, because wages. The news text is one of the ten major domestic luxury site Huha network named "on the infighting, 90% employees have resigned, the company explained has replaced CEO and is in transition. Although the real reason is unknown, but poor operation, and certainly not a direct cause of profitability.


NetEase is still product, as is still the case of NetEase has informed sources: NetEase is still on the product line is a rush. Over the past year, NetEase has not invested enough resources to operate. Is the NetEase wanted his own position in the Internet, so I want to e-commerce in this big cake on a piece, but because of not paying attention, so with broken halberds defeat.


electricity supplier winter really coming?

although within a month, even with three electricity supplier website closed, but it does not mean that the electricity supplier of winter really came. I feel this is a bit similar to last year’s group buying site closures are profitable, so the reason for irrational investment. Belong to the same e-commerce website, buy the site from the hot to the battle of the group, and then to have closed down, a lot of crazy money and capital operation caused by.

whether it is to buy the site or other forms of electricity supplier website, blindly throwing money may bring the beginning of a false prosperity, but the bubble will be more and more big, eventually burst. Now is not the time to use capital to drag other companies to die.

so I think this is not the winter electricity supplier, electricity supplier by squeezing out the bubble, will make the business investment more rational, only dig user needs, enhance the user experience, customer service service, increase the sales, reduce operating costs, is the only true. "

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