Why rural will gather a large number of network operators


called Taobao village is a large number of network operators gathering in the countryside, with Taobao as the main trading platform, e-commerce ecological phenomenon form the scale effect and synergy effect. It has three characteristics: first, the rural grassroots network formed by spontaneous; second, the number of network operators to reach more than 10% of the local number of households; third, formed a relatively complete industrial chain, has the characteristics of collaborative development.

according to incomplete statistics, the country has found 14 Taobao village. The relatively large size of the Hebei Baigou, business bags, last year sales of 2 billion yuan; Zhejiang Yiwu Qingyan Liu village, operating small commodities, last year sales of 1 billion 500 million yuan; Jiangsu town Suining sand, furniture business, sales of 800 million yuan last year. Boxing bay village has 500 households do Taobao, last year’s sales of $100 million, ranked in the top fifth in the size of the Shandong.

in fact, farmers are more suitable for network than city residents. Unlike urban residents with natural barriers, the countryside is a transparent community, acquaintances society, business model is easier to copy and spread. Saidpopular, you opened a shop to earn money in the countryside will immediately spread, neighbors and relatives will come to learn from you, because it is an acquaintance, you can only teach. But in the city, shut the door, who knows what people in the door. In addition, the rural industrial synergies reduce the cost of entrepreneurship. Such as Bay Village mutual Chuanhuo is spontaneously formed. According to CNNIC data, as of the end of June this year, there are 165 million Internet users in rural areas, and new users to farmers, up to 54.4%. In other words, people in the city to open the shop has long been opened, and now open shop is a new farmers brothers world.

Taobao village in the future will be how to develop this issue is now quite controversial. Some people think that the number of Taobao village will enter the stage of rapid increase of xinghuoliaoyuan. Alibaba Research Center, said Chen Liang, a senior expert, the country has about 700000 administrative villages, the village is now found only Taobao, think about this huge potential for development of the 14. But it was also analyzed, Taobao village form are in fact conditions, such as local mostly nothing major industries, the per capita income is relatively low, and there should be some infrastructure, but the logistics cost is not too high, this is also the reason why Shanghai is born in the village of Taobao. There are some local characteristics industrial base, such as a Willow Bay village tradition, Sha town waste plastics processing base, and later developed the production of sheet metal furniture industry. So many villages in China, not every village at the same time meet these conditions. Peking University, director of China social and Development Research Center Qiu Zeqi believes that in the case of farmers have not yet achieved the market, Taobao village to go far difficult. Bay Village willow mainly rely on manual processing, if the use of mechanization, its value may be greatly reduced. It is mainly engaged in weaving the older people, but with this group of old people, who can pick up their class? With the present conditions, the younger generation may not, if you earn the same money in the city and in rural, they will choose to live in the city.

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