Double eleven volume collection rookie post pressure Alexander frequency drops

Xie Ceng

"rookie inn" formerly known as "Tmall service station", user selection in Taobao, Tmall shopping when collecting service, will express goods to the user specified collection point, so there is time to delivery to the store to pick up by password. But this year, double 11, many consumers found in the order, in the past, the collection of the site can not find, often have to wait for one or two days will be on the line".

reporter visited Hushang many rookie Inn found recently that each collection point Lanshou number overall rise, exceeding the rated quantity which may be collected, post "main reason drops". And the collecting site staff recently all overwhelmed, recommended that users receive text messages after the first time to take part at the same time, pay more attention to logistics information.

commonly used in collecting Inn play disappear

"double 11" on the same day, the public Miss Lin told reporters reflect, usually used in the online shopping convenience store rookie post noon single settlement mysteriously disappeared, "early in the morning when I also go to panic buying in the store sent 3 parcels, noon payment in the menu to find the collection point for a long time, is not found, I had to change another farther rookie inn."

reporter with his Taobao account for testing, found that the commonly used family convenience three Chuen collection point on the evening of November 11th will disappear in the optional menu, to the early morning of November 12th, but again and again; 1 kilometers near Gonghexin Road intersection of Wenxi Road, the family convenience store for two consecutive days "drops", until November 13th again only for delivery.

rookie post service response, recently to reflect such cases the number of users more, could not find temporary individual collection point option is due to the huge amount of "double 11" express, beyond the site of the collection amount, will lead to offline.

most of the increase in the number of points of business

, November 14th at noon, the reporter received a text message to inform the first "double 11" parcel delivery, collection point is 11 days once the "line" of Zhabei District road three convenience store. Reporter observed, the collection point Lanshou package is piled on the ground behind the cashier, cashier originally narrow space is even more cramped, two attendants one for heating lunch, pay the daily work, another name for express in the heap, occasionally need to get out of the checkout area have to tiptoe across the parcel walk carefully.

according to the cashier, "double 11" after collecting the package more than usual, usually can completely satisfy the parcel storage lockers now is not enough, have to heap on the ground. Asked whether the collection is too large because of the closure of the online recruitment applications, the cashier said not clear.

three family collection point road across the road from the Alldays convenience store is also collecting one point, near several frequently "drops", the collection point has been strong fighting in the frontline rookie inn. The cashier is a Shanghai aunt, see reporters ask big >

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