The luxury business crisis frequent Sina luxury channel will be closed

recently, there is news that: Sina luxury channel is about to close, or after the NetEase, and a luxury electricity supplier is about to fall. Currently, Sina did not clarify the matter or officially announced.

China fashion brand network reported that sina mall customer service center customer service said, the channel will be off the assembly line in the near future, so do not order." As one of the founders of sina mall, Kelan diamond vice president Wang Yong believes that sina luxury Channel "cause of death" because there is no clear positioning.


Sina luxury Channel screenshot

Wang Yong points out, want to do good or do platform independent vendors do channel before: if it is said to do platform, not solve the problem of shortage of the supply of luxury goods; and vendors, it also does not have the ability of independent operation.

"high-end market, there is no suitable environment." Ali cloud community electricity supplier senior operations manager Zhang Ning said.

in the second half of 2011, with the concept of electricity supplier cooling, financing difficulties, the sequelae of the rapid development of the gradual emergence. About a year’s time, the portal layout of the luxury Channel "Netease Luxuries", "Sina luxury goods have been sacked, only Kelan diamond normal operation. At the same time, exposed a series of Huha network on the event, the resignation of employees, serves network layoffs, leaving CEO statue cool news makes the luxury business is heavy shadow.  

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