Tmall responded to the Jingdong one of two that accused Jingdong of self deception

[IT] Sohu news (Han Yang) in June 6th, according to the Jingdong prior to the two election "accused Tmall in the morning 9 when the official micro-blog responded that" real consumer feedback "is not a copy and PR show show, and alludes to the Jingdong" consumer "," self deception".

June 2nd, vice president of Jingdong Kui Ying Chun blog to denounce the Alibaba, accused Tmall of forcing businesses to choose a "two". The next day, Jingdong issued a statement, saying that the individual friends of the business to the Jingdong’s partners, brand manufacturers, repeatedly issued a request for them to choose one of two instructions, and even threaten some sellers. According to a number of media reports, Jingdong accused of being part of the seller’s confirmation.

Tmall responded as follows:

real consumer feedback, the name is not in a variety of promotional, ziyuzile copy show; not silly money smashing advertising, advertisers create feast with investors, businesses are not real money; tomatoes shouted one of two public relations show, but real money so that consumers benefit, so that businesses grow, make the environment more healthy and honest. Please:

1 do not consume consumers. Consumers are looking forward to a trust every time, consumer spending is consumer trust.

2 don’t let the merchant bleed. If the business collapsed, who will provide cheap goods.

3 do not deceive ourselves. Don’t let 6.18 into the 8.15, after all, this is not a day of business, good to go farther.

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