How to induce users to comment and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce

I "user reviews, why this" red "", has been discussed for several reasons and user comments in today’s online shopping behavior in the larger, then introduces several methods of e-commerce by Internet users user comments station (special reference to Hongkong marine science and technology "writing method" to attract online shopping website user evaluation), and the advantages and disadvantages of the corresponding evaluation measures.

first, through the commitment to the user, in the next transaction to provide preferential incentives to review participants.

move in the short term to achieve immediate results, and can stimulate the user to enhance the possibility of consumer behavior. But has obtain comments and comments of the suspects, once the user comments are driven by the interests of integrity, lack of effect, if things go on like this is the result of the user comment useless. In addition to increase the user comments and much discounts may also bring corresponding cost pressures.

second, to host the contest, let the user get a reward in the.

competition activities in the form of instant gathering popularity, so as to provide a window for users to comment on the window to create content. Although in the activity, the user comments is only the activity by-product, but itself can promote the competition activity to carry out smoothly.

third, optimize the user comments path, so that the comments are not at all.

has a competitive advantage of the user experience is to let the user as little as possible to achieve the goal of the fastest way to meet people’s lazy nature. If you need to induce user comments, you can as far as possible to allow users to express their views through the most simple process. Through incentives to stimulate the user, the user needs to leave more detailed information, such as real communication and authentication. To optimize the comment path, you should open the comment window, using anonymous or without any constraints feedback. But the consequences of this move is also very serious, will encounter the possibility of endless harassment of information machine.

fourth, simplified or alienated user comments.

does not require the user to provide user comments with text comments, can use alternative answer to comment, text or pictures can be, of course, "recommended" and "collection" button is also set up user reviews of alienation, but more subtle. This method can learn Sina hot news or special news comment, the user through the user survey and feeling expression collection pathways involved in comments, increasing user comments channel, but also enhance the user experience.

fifth, mail promotion way to invite users to comment.

unfortunately, the coefficient of success mainly depends on the invitation mail promotion, intermediate links quite twists and turns, in the current spam raging today, using this method to reconsider.

sixth, user experience acquisition evaluation.

in the emphasis on the cost of e-commerce in the field, even though the experience of consumer spending is more popular, but the product provider is sufficient strength to mention

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