PayPal will promote the Japanese electricity supplier to expand payment services in China

global technology reporter Wang Huan

, according to the Japan Economic News reported on October 8th, the U.S. online payment company PayPal will promote the Chinese consumers of e-commerce and e-commerce companies to pay their own services. PayPal will join hands with China UnionPay and China’s large banks to attract Chinese consumers to patronize the Japanese companies’ electricity supplier website, but also to provide low-cost delivery services. PayPal expands consumer service by attracting Chinese consumers who love Japanese goods.

PayPal has 10 million users in the world, to carry out online payment services. In the context of the increasing purchasing power of Chinese consumers, PayPal will introduce the popularity of Japanese electricity supplier website in China, expanding the total payment.

first, the Japanese electricity supplier giant NISSEN, Japan’s purchasing site Buyee transport company Tenso, cosmetics website operators and other 15 companies will launch PayPal payment services for Chinese websites.

PayPal since late October, through the propaganda site to guide Chinese consumers to patronize the Japanese electricity supplier website. China UnionPay and China Construction Bank’s member website, China’s famous reputation will be put on the website of PayPal advertising. Advertising expenses borne by PayPal.

interested Chinese consumers can use PayPal’s online payment function, using UnionPay cards and bank accounts and other registration. In the Japanese electricity supplier website shopping, simply enter the email address and password can easily complete the shopping.

UnionPay cards issued in China 5 billion, China Construction Bank also has a bank card member 50 million. PayPal is working with Chinese companies with large customer groups to promote its own payment services to Chinese consumers.

PayPal introduced to the Japanese electricity supplier logistics company, so that it can deliver goods to China with low cost. From attracting customers to pay, and then to logistics, PayPal will provide a full range of services to the Japanese electricity supplier to expand overseas markets.

according to the Japanese Ministry of economy and industry statistics, the amount of Chinese consumers in Japan’s electricity supplier website in 2014 reached 600 billion yen, an increase of about 50% compared to 2013. With the increase of tourists to visit Japan, after returning to buy Japanese goods China still hope that consumers are increasing.

PayPal has maintained a leading position in the global online payment field, but in recent years China "Alipay" is on the rise.

PayPal also plans to introduce the same model to Chinese consumers in the U.S. electricity supplier website. Sea Amoy market will usher in a strong consumer demand, PayPal hopes to establish a multinational e-commerce platform for the first time, grasp the dominant online payment field.

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