PHPCMS new Adsense Promotion Alliance

    promotion alliance is the official launch of a professional PHPCMS software marketing platform, you can apply to join the PHPCMS promotion alliance and to promote sales commission.

              you can put the promotion link to your website or blog, can also be sent to QQ friends, sent to the QQ group, sent to the forum or set up for the forum signature. If a visitor clicks on the link and promotion within 3 months of registration for the PHPCMS user, the user will become your downline, after the user consumption in all official PHPCMS will be according to a certain proportion (at least 10%) give you a commission. PHPCMS official in each month of 1 to 10, you deserve promotion of royalty payment to your designated Alipay account. At the same time bring an effective Click to send 1 points, bringing a registered user to send 10 points, the points can be used in exchange for PHPCMS gifts such as T-shirt, can also be used in exchange for PHPCMS software and modules. For example,

                you can log into  see visitors record, registered users record, offline user consumption records and settlement records, all the information at a glance.

              PHPCMS promotion alliance advantage

            1 without advance payment.
            2; no time limit.
            3 fully support online payment, you do not need to personally finance.
            4 is suitable to expand the "electronic commerce" business on the original website.
            5 no after-sales service, customer support by us to do.
            6 through the flow of your site, you can easily earn >

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