Alibaba clean up the gray market attracting luxury settled

Beijing on August 11th news, "Wall Street Journal online edition published an article on Monday pointed out that the Alibaba is cleaning up its business platform" grey market ", to attract luxury brand Tmall official flagship store opened. As long as the brand regular army shop, Ali will eliminate unauthorized third party store goods. In addition, the Alibaba also with France, Italy and the UK government signed an agreement with the "gray market" problem.

The following is the summary:

electricity supplier giant Alibaba is sweeping its shopping platform part of the store without official authorization, as a new incentive to attract luxury brands settled.

, like many luxury brands, Burberry has been a headache in Alibaba’s electronic business platform in a large number of discount Burberry products, some of which are actually fake goods. As the electricity supplier in the field of the two major platforms, Alibaba’s Taobao and Tmall last year, China’s online shopping accounted for 80% of the transaction amount, up to $240 billion. However, Burberry does not authorize any shop selling its products.

informed sources, if Burberry is willing to settle Tmall, Alibaba is willing to do everything possible to clean up these non authorized goods. In April this year, Burberry Tmall flagship store officially opened.

in addition, dozens of sellers, companies and analysts also said that Alibaba has recently taken a similar approach to attract large companies, including Estee Lauder, including Tmall. Informed sources, Ali aspects of commitment, once these big brands to open Tmall flagship store, the company will clean up Tmall and Taobao without official authorization of the goods.

Alibaba is planning to list the NYSE, and is expected to create the largest IPO in the history of the U.S. stock market (initial public offering), the company has been hoping to attract high-end brands settled. This can not only capture the hearts and minds of consumers, but also to attract potential investors and other brand shop.

clean gray market

Burberry opened Tmall’s official flagship store, the platform has more than 50 stores selling Burberry products, but no one has been authorized Burberry. According to the electricity supplier analysis agency YipitData data, since Burberry shop, Tmall all unauthorized Burberry disappeared. Tmall said the seller, Alibaba told them that they must stop selling Burberry products, but also limited part of the shop to upload the product page, and regularly check, ensure the shop did not use Burberry picture rights infringement.

POMPEI Huang Yongcheng, chairman of

, a luxury retail retailer, said: "Tmall is adjusting its strategy, and when the international brand is set up, we are no longer allowed to display the brand." Previously, POMPEI has been in Tmall shop selling Burberry products, but was asked to stand. < >

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