Wan Yue in the end how to do the electricity supplier



these 2 years, many people have seen the electricity supplier website a batch build, also saw a sudden death in many commercial web sites, and friends to discuss, have friends in the business of time with me, always said how difficult to do business, not to see the business prospects for the future. Today we talk about how the electricity supplier in the end how to do

line do well does not mean that the line is doing well. In recent years, there are many online, do good business are beginning to get involved in the network business, and then began to have a shopping website, then there is a pile of Baidu for advertising, began to lose money earned crying. Then, according to the argument on the network, the fierce loss of advertising, that there will be a lot of 1-2 years of harvest. In fact, this approach is very wrong. Look at Taobao, from its inception to now, Taobao has nearly 10 years of experience, a lot of people see Taobao’s success today, but don’t know a lot of Taobao in the hard way, the website like: personnel selection, site structure adjustment, user experience evaluation, selection of variety, quality the credit system is perfect, and the shopping process optimization customer service tracking services etc. These are different and offline mode. These complex things and things are not you 1, 2 months, 1, 2 years will be able to do.


values increase the user’s identity: many people say how good their online products, how to sell hot, that certainly will behoove online selling well, as compared to the line under the online buying process more simple, faster, better and faster allows users to buy their own things. But you can pay attention to the Chinese people to buy things is actually a lack of trust. Because Chinese, a good product just one out, many copycat products will follow, shoddy. Like before such a large supermarket Carrefour also appeared shoddy products into the sale of goods shelves entrap consumers, this kind of network virtual shopping, consumers trust more missing. If the line I want to buy a good bike I will go to the store, then I would definitely choose to buy online Taobao Tmall. Instead of choosing a so-called brand store open electricity supplier website.

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value should pay attention to this point is a lot to do commercial site operations personnel should pay special attention to the operation of a business friend I once met with me said, he felt that the electricity supplier bigger lost. Do not know how to do it, I asked him why, he said that the boss did not listen to me, to listen to a few times the president of Taobao class courses I want to change this change that. I asked him how you were going to prove that you were right. He said he operated by the electricity supplier for so many years of experience to talk to the boss, it is actually here I think, if I am the boss I will not listen to you. Because, I’m going to listen to the CEO class. Experts affirmed that the operation of the electricity supplier is certainly more professional than you, enter the time longer than you, as a boss, I do not listen to the experts, but to listen to a

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