Content entrepreneurs have not yet thought of how to implement the electricity supplier giants first

Abstract: from the content to the content of the entrepreneurial marketing, only a year in the various forms of entrepreneurship, the scalability of the best interactive video for the most. "Pengci" video broadcast outlet, many electricity providers are also playing the live video business.

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content of entrepreneurship tide is still up, there is no need to worry exposed underwear.

just crossed the mad content of entrepreneurship in the spring, how to get into the "harvest" summer fruit. In April 19th the "world network operators" content marketing: "the new electric tuyere assembly, a is said to affect the trend of business activities in 2016.

can influence the trend of the electricity supplier and do not say first, but the "stage" electric businessman, "singing" the content of entrepreneurial activities, or be able to see some "clues".

business busy "upgrade business form, to find the contents of entrepreneurs to learn. Subject and object flip, in the electricity supplier media conference organizers, filled with the content of entrepreneurship waste heat.

‘s only two electricity supplier on behalf of the enterprise: the three squirrels, Han Yi homes to talk about how to build the Internet brand, IP marketing. Finally the grand finale of the Taobao Master, is resorted to "network business" red banner.

called content marketing conference, is a content of entrepreneurs and sellers in the depth of "blending", each one takes what he needs.

"content & electricity supplier, how to look like a" Lang friendship, concubine intention "marriage

content is the most friendly, sticky entrance, but also the most popular way to get traffic. From the content to embrace electricity supplier to the electricity supplier discharge content, but a year’s time.

content commercialization is nothing more than two ways: either do to B service, or do to C service. For example, Kim wrong knife, he went to the company to do training, which is to B service. For example, to buy books or other forms of products to the user, that is, to C service.

regardless of the 2B or 2C services, and finally can be divided into advertising and electricity providers in the field, and those who are under the slogan of the training is also a disguised form of advertising by brand advantage.

"I’m more of a businessman than a cultural person.". This self evaluation "and Luo Zhenyu Xu Da" make no shame "concept are interlinked. They have realized that the content itself is not enough to support the entire venture, the content is just that they find the user, the tool to open the market, we must find a viable business outlet to survive.

content entrepreneurs mostly with the former media people genes, and they at the beginning of the business has been thinking about the realization of the road. Electricity supplier this money from the nearest shortcut is not going to bypass. Of course, what to sell, depending on the content of tonality.

is in the "content realization" of the "lure", in the traditional sense by drilling exhibition, through train, >

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