The small and medium-sized enterprise informatization left hand right hand Dragon Sword Sword

geochilmaru, dragon sword, world order, no exception! Yitian a rival. Also in the enterprise informationization gradually popular today, only mastered the weapon to win the war, but what is the weapon, how to have a weapon is the entrepreneur who has been thinking about the problem, now two geochilmaru magic search — sword, dragon knife on himmelsdorf, so that small and medium-sized entrepreneurs themselves. How to predict the Dragon caused by "Jianghu disputes" please essays together into the dragon’s creator, to search for

what is the "Heavenly Sword"


Yitian a rival

search head Lee analysis: today, more than 50% of the domestic large enterprises embarked on an independent road of electronic commerce. How to run the network era, effective targeted promotion, rapid increase customer conversion rate, has become a big problem in enterprise layout of e-commerce, and the search engine is the industry generally recognized problem solving tools.

in China Internet Information Center released the 2009 China online shopping market research report, the search has become the most important channel for users to find the target commodity on the shopping site. Through the network to understand the user’s shopping site, mostly through online search and site links to enter the site, accounting for 34% and 29.6%, respectively. When users browse the goods, the use of search engines and search for users of the site accounted for 27.1% and 20.6%, highlighting the search to attract users to click, and thus achieve the important role of user conversion.


has been focused on the main services for small and medium-sized enterprises to search, to improve their products through continuous reform, to help SMEs to better promote products, faster trading products, fully aware of the mobile information in road racing pleasure. The enterprise mobile search engine is a high search for innovation.

and general search engines to search the Internet for information compared to the target, to search for enterprise mobile search engine focused on all the enterprises in the field of search, is the subdivision and extension of search engine and the depth of integration of enterprise information resource and structured resources. Therefore, the high search enterprise mobile search engine not only has the advantages of universal search information, fast speed, but also has a better understanding of the industry, closer to the user, the query more professional, more accurate results and other advantages.

compared with the traditional Internet, high search enterprise mobile search engine carried out three changes:

1 platform, change: the original pair of parallel channels to win business opportunities for enterprises of different businesses, breaking the limitation of real regional network hardware, to meet the needs of the user search services whenever and wherever possible.

2, behavior change: active attention only to search to achieve its marketing value to attract consumers, more importantly, search engine to consumers love the way different advertising in front of different consumers, so that the advertising effect is more accurate and efficient.

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