Liu Qiangdong Jingdong to use 3P to get the O2O business

Jingdong boss Liu Qiangdong to personally responsible for the O2O business is quite hard. Yesterday, Liu Qiangdong made in his speech O2O future development of the 3P strategy". Insiders believe that, from the O2O to the specified business, personally responsible for a series of strategic planning to overseas investment, Liu Qiangdong control of the Jingdong to be strengthened.

Liu Qiangdong in his speech on the future development of O2O proposed three strategies: to meet the needs of multi scene quality products (Product), the lowest price (Price) and personalized service (Personalized Service). From the north to the Graduate School of business point of view, this means that the Jingdong from product differentiation, supply chain management and logistics to accelerate the process of O2O.

Liu Qiangdong mentioned that Jingdong’s O2O business will lead the development of physical goods Jingdong, the main parity of fresh goods, life services will be the main way to promote cooperation. At present, the Jingdong home has covered most parts of Beijing, the retail sector to take the form of cooperation with the super. In the future, Jingdong home will continue to go through a wide range of technologies for the next line store, social networking platform to create a synchronized crowdsourcing. Liu Qiangdong even aimed at the square dance aunt, has said that if they are willing to be able to send one or two hours a day around the residence within the range of 2 hours. This can not only exercise, but also for community service".

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