2015 retail development index in China or the world’s largest market

recently, A. T. Kearney released 2015 global retail development index report (GRDI). In the publication of the global retail development index list, the Asian countries to occupy the majority of seats, beyond the ranks of the other continents. Among them, China ranked first in the index list, retail sales are expected to grow to $8 trillion by 2022 (up to two times the size of the U.S. retail market). India ranked fifteenth.

China or within 3 years to become the world’s largest retail market

reported that, despite the 2014 China GDP growth rate fell to the lowest in 25 years – 7.4%, however, 11.6% of the retail market growth, enough to make China market in front of other developing quite outstanding.

company’s consumer products and retail business partner He Xiaoqing said: "the rising income level, the ongoing process of urbanization, keen on shopping large consumer groups, and the positive transformation of Chinese to consumption driven growth model, will promote the Chinese retail market in the coming years continue to grow."

at the same time, He Xiaoqing also pointed out that e-commerce has played a pivotal role in the growth of China’s retail market. Alibaba and Jingdong such as the leading electricity supplier companies not only for the big city consumer opens a new channel, is also actively committed to provide better services to rural areas and small city, some large store brands are more stores in these areas.

Kearney forecasts, if Chinese retail market this trend of development, is expected to squeeze the United States before 2018, become the world’s largest retail market.

India retail market is expected to reach $1 trillion and 300 billion in 2020, it is understood that the current retail market value of $925 billion in India, 2010-14 CAGR of 5.8% during the year. Kearney management consulting firm released a report that the reform under the leadership of Modi sent the government put forward the target of the plan will be in India aspiring, business facilitation degree ranking from the current global 142nd to fiftieth increase in the next two years. At present, India consumer and investor confidence has now signs of recovery.

the report is expected to continue to grow in the retail market in India, the market value of the market is expected to reach $1 trillion and 300 billion in 2020. Consultants said that in the global retail development index in the top of the new year, India’s ranking has risen by 5 to fifteenth.


report also pointed out that the next five years, India’s economy will maintain strong growth, which means that in the India market, single brand retail, cash and carry store and e-commerce will usher in the great development. The development of physical retail stores will be opened with the opening of foreign direct investment into the multi brand retail industry, but will not be implemented in the short term this initiative.


report said, WAL-MART will be the year in the city of Agra, opening a new store, and plan for the next five years.

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