Study on the influencing factors of electronic business quota of Chinese women skin care products

Study on the influencing factors of

Chinese women’s skin care e-commerce business quota

through the study of the influence factors of Chinese women’s skin care e-commerce business quota, the purpose is to provide a reference for the improvement of Chinese women’s skin care e-commerce business quota. Based on a comprehensive overview of the previous research literature on women’s skin care products, the research hypothesis from the relationship between the female skin care products, promotions, marketing price, market positioning "and" Chinese women’s skin care products e-commerce business credit ". Randomly selected 400 e-commerce marketers as the research object, the electronic version of the questionnaire. These questionnaires were compiled in accordance with the Likert scale, and finally recovered 387 copies. The quantitative analysis method was used to describe the distribution data, the correlation analysis and the regression analysis. The research concluded: "women’s skin care products, marketing price, market positioning" have significant effect on women’s skin care products China e-commerce business lines, "the impact on the business credit function promotion" is not significant.


according to the statistics of the Internet tracking agency, the total number of global web site in October 2012 exceeded 600 million, reaching 620480777. According to the Chinese Internet Network Information Center released the "thirty-third Chinese Internet development report" shows that the total number of Internet domain names China in December 2013 reached 18 million 440 thousand, the total number of.CN domain over the same period last year growth of 44.2%, reaching 10 million 830 thousand, Chinese site for a total of 3 million 200 thousand, the annual growth of 520 thousand, the growth rate is 19.4%. 2013 China online shopping users reached 302 million people, the utilization rate of up to 48.9%, compared with an increase of 6 percentage points in 2012. IResearch statistics show that in 2013 China’s online shopping transaction size exceeded 10 trillion and 72 billion 40 million yuan, an increase of 22.6%. Boston consulting firm released a report that China’s e-commerce market has ranked second in the world. Skin care products, as one of the most popular consumer products in China, play an important role in online shopping. Women’s skin care products grew 10% year on year, of which the largest increase in facial skin care products, accounting for all skin care products market share of 43%. According to the current pace of development, by 2015, e-commerce will be penetrated into various industries, the total population will increase from 23% to the city in 2010 44%, when the number of Chinese e-commerce consumers will be increased to 329 million, becoming the first in the world. From the beginning of the last century in 90s, foreign brands of skin care products began to enter the Chinese market, and an average annual growth rate of 23.8%, the highest growth rate reached 41%. At present, there are about more than 1 thousand and 300 kinds of cosmetic products made in China, among them, the amount of domestic product marketing in China accounts for about 40%, but the amount of business is only about 6%~7%. Skin care products in China

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