Used car electricity supplier who is the outbreak of the opportunity

double eleven day car home fire, the black horse was on Tmall play car sells on the net, but also sell well. The car was born there are car electricity supplier, a lot of people will even this year as the first year of the electricity supplier. But this is somewhat defective, concept of automotive electricity supplier is a little big, whether the car home or car net, this is selling new cars, the automobile market in addition to the new car, second-hand car market is very large, today to talk about the second-hand car electricity supplier.

actually used car market players a lot, mainly because of the current size of the market and growth potential are very large. According to data from the Ministry of Commerce last year, second-hand car trading volume is 4 million 790 thousand, and the annual growth rate will remain above 10%, conversion transactions should be hundreds of billions of scale, if the reference to the mature markets of Europe and a car from the first road to the final scrap frequency trading before the 3-5 times, the market will have trillions of dishes. Another factor is a serious imbalance in the proportion of second-hand cars and new cars trading volume. The mature markets of Europe and the second-hand car trading volume reached 2.5 times the car trading volume, but in China, the second-hand car trading volume is only the new trading volume of 1/3, so the domestic second-hand car market growth space is very large. In addition, according to the forecast of second-hand car Circulation Association, this year the second-hand car trading volume is expected to exceed 6 million units in Beijing, Shanghai and other places, the second-hand car trading volume has more than a new car, the future second-hand car broke out this trend is very obvious.

market is very large, but the idea is so few. Currently used car online can be divided into portal type, life service platform, vertical site three. Portal to the gateway of the auto channel as the representative of this type of advertising is the main source of profit, does not involve electricity, simple service, and users to the main purpose of this website is to buy information, not strong awareness; life service platform mainly refers to the 58 city, released this type mainly provides information, traffic is relatively large, users have a strong consumer awareness, but not to the design of offline transactions; the third is the vertical sites, vertical sites are divided into two types, one is the 51 car and second car network, mainly to provide information, the other is 273 second-hand car trading network, the car is easy to shoot the website. Not only provide information platform, has formed a closed loop transaction.

choose a different way, the development path is not the same, Sina, Sohu and other information portal provides a single service, strong media properties, the main way to profit is still advertising. Of course, in the PC era, this model is a great living space, but in the mobile terminal, advertising display position is very limited, so only to provide information, the sale of advertising this model should be relatively large risk. The 58 city, the car is easy to shoot these directly into the transaction service level, in the course of the transaction between the seller and the buyer to provide matching services and charge service fees, in fact, is the O2O model. This is also the current transformation of the Internet used car market mainstream form, in this form, the pros and cons of each other is not

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