Luxury electric Chinese market ups and downs

recently, with a brand trust company’s director of communications, on the current development trend of China electronic commerce field, especially the luxury business industry, she expressed a more optimistic attitude to the author, in the face of Chinese broad high-end consumer market, that the move will certainly have a brilliant future.

in the prediction of the trend of the market outlook, she should be in line with the current trend of China’s dynamic synchronization. Well-known business China nets gives a group of luxury goods transaction data, the World Luxury Association published in January this year, the report shows that as of the end of December 2010, China luxury market’s annual consumption of the total to $12 billion 600 million ranked first in the world, accounting for 28%. The rapid rise of the middle class is China luxury consumer market the most excited participants.

in the physical market of luxury consumption, once in the business market, seems to be facing a shadow like shape with There’s no telling, the plight of the general. The forerunner of the business enterprise in this field when a few years ago, is basically set back and back, huge capital is not in the bag, leaving scars. Why?

born paradox

The biggest difference between

e-commerce and physical sales lies in the different cost structure. A lot of power as the main selling point, "from the rental, saving manpower, information office" to get a considerable degree of compression overhead, so only commodity price "profit" said.

but the luxury market has a unique market characteristics and consumption patterns. For itself has quite a high price, a price change has not easily able to provoke consumer sentiment, sensitive nerve almost nothing in this place. From the marketing principle, luxury is also going hungry marketing route. The product is more the lack of the material is more precious, the more it is easy to climb in the market price.

the first meaning "and the electricity market price war". Decided to buy luxury high-end crowd in the pursuit of excellent quality is more than the talent shows itself is a symbol of the extraordinary taste. In any case, the urgency of the choice of online shopping is almost no, no one is willing to express the packaging will be packaged in general luxury goods to the company. Face must have a place to put it.

price is small, the authenticity of the big

for high-end consumer groups, to buy a few luxury may be as simple as buying cabbage. This for some life jinbaba, but also some luxury show urban white-collar bourgeoisie with different quality. But they are not at any time just a parallel relationship, in the pursuit of quality, but there is an amazing unity.

after all, no one wants to see, but spend a lot of money to buy a fake; do not want to see more, this fake has set in his body, and through the streets for a long time.

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