1 shop released 2014 results Mobile orders accounted for more than 40% will focus on the development

Phoenix Science and technology news January 8th news, shop No. 1 today released 2014 performance data. According to the shop 1, announced by the end of 2014, shop No. 1 online sales of goods more than 8 million orders, accounting for about 40% of the mobile terminal. 1 shop chairman Yu Gang revealed that in 2015 the strategic focus of the store will be 1 in the field of fresh and mobile terminal business expansion.

it is reported that shop 1 in the sale of more than 8 million kinds of goods. Of which nearly 70 thousand kinds of imported food. By virtue of the direct sales of imported goods, 1 to import direct mining + distribution in the form of recruitment of the two or three line city distributors.

in the mobile terminal, as of the end of last year, 1 mobile phone users registered more than 36 million, orders accounted for more than 40%. 11 during the period, the number of mobile client number 1 stores accounted for more than 57.7%, a record.

According to

consulting firm OC& C released in 2013 and 2014; the electronic commerce and the Department Store ranking index shows that 2014 Shop No. 1 ranked ninth, compared to 2013, up 3 places; in the e-commerce company, 2014, shop No. 1 ranked fourth, unchanged from 2013.

according to just revealed that in 2015 the strategic focus of the store 1 in the following three areas:

1, channel focus mobile terminal. Product innovation from the beginning of the mobile terminal, full mobility, dare to leather own life.

2, force fresh. 1 stores will be opened in conjunction with the experience of the store in the community to enhance the delivery rate of fresh goods, 4 hours of service.

4, to strengthen the supply chain management, just look, the supply chain is the core competitiveness of the electricity supplier, he believes that the future competition is the electricity supplier supply chain. Currently 1 store inventory turnover days fell to less than 10 days.

at the same time, the price strategy will become one of the strategic focus of shop No. 1 in 2015. Mainly around FMCG, 3C digital home appliances.

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