Four factions full contact online supermarket has formed the potential meet as equals

‘s survey found that in store No. 1, as the representative of the "network" online supermarket and the traditional entity of an online supermarket, and online community supermarket, I bought the food network in the market has formed a potential meet as equals.


on behalf of the brand: shop 1

network of online supermarket, because behind the team more professional, the degree of understanding of the electronic commerce is higher, and has the right to decide, so the operation smoothly. These companies do not need to carry out online and offline deployment, all resources are concentrated on the Internet, easier to manage.

in addition, part of the online supermarket also opened up new profit growth point, such as their own platform providers, the introduction of businesses, and for the platform to provide logistics services, after-sales service, etc.. As a result, as a platform provider of online supermarkets will not be a single profit point, in a short time of the incident, by a more serious impact.

this part of the online supermarket sales of goods, not limited to the traditional supermarket to sell things, including musical instruments, etc.. Although the sales of these commodities are relatively low, their profits are much higher than those of other commodities.

Representative is the

network system of online supermarket shop No. 1, the international retail giant WAL-MART shares this year, but it is from a pure e-commerce companies to grow up. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, e-commerce experts Zhao Jingqiao said, shop No. 1 through self logistics to solve some of the distribution problems, which is the key to the survival of the online supermarket. Because, if consumers buy oil, salt and other necessities, logistics will not affect people’s daily lives in a timely manner. Zhao Jingqiao further pointed out that the online supermarket in order to further development, we should first do a good job in the region, and then gradually expand the scale of the direction of the enterprise.

comments: open platform to ease the cost pressures.

Supermarket Department

on behalf of the brand: Sam member online store

Century Lianhua, MerryMart, WAL-MART and metro and other foreign supermarket giants have opened up online battlefield, formed a system of online supermarket supermarket layout. However, due to its main business is to do the traditional physical retail, many supermarkets do not go online professional.

, an unnamed industry experts said, with 1 stores and online Century Lianhua supermarket as an example, belong to the Shanghai enterprises, but there are many gaps. From the page layout, shop No. 1 simple, gorgeous way shines; the "Century Lianhua Lianhua OK online mall page is lack of features, it is difficult to attract the attention of consumers. From the settlement of the way, the general online supermarkets need to become a member before shopping, clearing.

in "Lianhua OK online store platform for membership registration and registration procedures are relatively cumbersome; Shop No. 1 members of simple >

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