Talking about the next nternet explosion industry E-commerce


I am not a person engaged in e-commerce industry, now in a game company to do marketing, e-commerce is also concerned about the beginning of last year. Always want to enter the industry, but do not have the opportunity. Some of the views and opinions of the individual. If you have different opinions, you can communicate with me. When you are right, I am an outsider to see the inside of the YY article.

what is e-commerce


my understanding of e-commerce is that this is only my understanding of e-commerce: the traditional industry to the Internet, the use of the Internet as a tool to maximize the rate of return on profit. As e-commerce in the country is still in the initial stage, the relevant laws and regulations are not perfect, because is the emerging industry, the national policy and the support is well and state of the electronic industry or always support. From the tax, personnel costs, transportation costs, the promotion of cost control is easier to operate than traditional industries, the Internet is a lot of things can be quantified, the effect can be directly reflected in the final output value. That is income. From the input to the return process can be well controlled. The delivery cost can be as low as possible.

is the rest of the product and services than people.


e-commerce will be the next Internet explosion industry


after the first outbreak of the Internet, the Internet bubble for the first time, the opportunity to make money at the moment are basically listed companies. Regardless of the strength of the technology from the data to the opponent caused some barriers. Web1.0 minority from the Internet to control the expression of Web2.0 users to create content, dissemination of content. To provide users with electronic commerce, products, services, users provide the content, provide users with beer, and the Internet Co to do is platform. Perhaps this is the so-called web3.o but this concept seems too early, Web2.0 in our country in the initial stage.

‘s two most successful industries: Internet advertising and online games. There is no doubt that these two industries to feed a large number of wolves. Also created a bunch of Internet gangster. I have a very clear feeling in this year’s market experience. The present advertisement pays more attention to the input-output ratio. Said a little bit is the effect of a fee cast out, the benefits will be how much. The advertising industry if it is thought to help advertisers burn the money and the mode of operation, the company will sooner or later. The network game, a burn and profitable industries co-exist, it is because the input and output ratio of uncertainty, to make such a high risk, high return industry in China so vigorous. Of course, this topic is a bit far away.

here I do not talk about the two industry model. I don’t understand. Do not rush to talk about e-commerce.

we look back over the past three or four years, in addition to advertising, games. In web2/0

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