The classification of site death exams authenticity and profit information

as of the three quarter of 2006, the domestic independent classification information website has more than 200, plus other sites classified channel, the total number of about 3000. 2006 network classified advertising market accounted for 1% of all classified advertising market, the future prospects and the development of space is very impressive. In 2007-2008 will enter the outbreak of the market.

analysts believe that in 2005 thanks to the convenience of the Internet. Open classifieds site wind began to flourish, with its targeting ability and ability to distinguish the audience was optimistic about the advertisers. Personal information is released, the classification is clear, easy to find, update quickly and other characteristics, prompting the network began to seize the classified advertising market from the traditional media.

rental information is the most popular

data also show that the classification of information on the most popular rental housing sites. Through the intermediary of personal post, direct contact with the tenant and landlord, the two sides do not worry about the real interactive intermediary from bidding and can save more chaos and unnecessary intermediary costs.

job recruitment information is also ranked in the forefront of classified information. Compared to the "traditional" online job search, is newly classified information website the biggest feature, not only free job seekers can search jobs, employers can also be free to publish recruitment information; at the same time, the process of job recruitment, more simple and convenient. But to provide more general are entry-level jobs, employers are generally small and medium enterprises. It also limits the growth of classified information websites in this field.

users are most concerned about the real and effective information

survey shows that, whether it is a job or rent, users of information authenticity and effectiveness of the most attention, which is a decisive factor in the survival and development. The classified information website of our country strengthens the credit system day by day, and takes measures to ensure the authenticity and validity of information. According to feibook network FiGe technical director, FiGe adopts patent technology in practical application, so that FiGe can automatically filter and shield information base repeat, useless information, to maximize the effectiveness of information. In the detection of intermediary information, to achieve more than 85% of the filtering rate, can be automatically banned malicious posing as an intermediary for personal users to post again. At the same time, they also through artificial systems, to verify the authenticity of the post, false bad information, delete, delete all information for repeat offenders released.

the most urgent problem of

Internet free model achievements of Internet companies, but also to some Internet companies have brought problems. Jishizixun Internet chief analyst Cheng Tianyu said, compared with the discussion of classified information website will achieve profitability, how to achieve profitability, is a more urgent problem.

analysis of the industry, the main face of the classified information website is scattered individuals and small and medium enterprises, the profitability of the pressure is more obvious. Although information can be profitable

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