418 train at 618, the cat will give a run ning Jingdong

This year,

418 seems to be more lively than usual, although less Jingdong figure, but Suning, Ali cat Ning Dougen straight man to fit for the electricity supplier industry is still very aspect, especially the "dirty" got around micro-blog circle of friends fit advertising brings a lot of attention. If the promotion effect of this node 418 continued to strengthen, it may not be a good thing for Jingdong.

cat Ning 418 training, Jingdong silence to avoid war


entered a period of stability in the major electricity supplier, has long been the direct head slobber war between giants, even promoting activities in the non even price war between each other’s voice has almost disappeared. Many onlookers thought the cat Ning fit will promote the Jingdong can cause rebound, Jingdong seems not to choose a cold, calm, in 418 before this time, suning.com’s propaganda has been great, but the Jingdong has always been silent.

But this year suning.com

gameplay is indeed remarkable. In addition to all electric full minus one hundred thousand million house, update and generous, suning.com launched the brand interactive marketing and customer service canvassing lie is to mobilize the enthusiasm of the brands and users, allowing them to happiness within.


brand is lying canvassing provided by suning.com platform, brands can have depth activities with his fans, brands can bring their own resources to provide for the fans and fans point of praise will decide how much of the brands in the suning.com ranking and during the 4.18 position. With the help of powerful fans, suning.com innovative gameplay, allowing fans to interact directly with the brands and brands in the decision by the fans of suning.com exposure.

It is understood that the suning.com

4.18 Shopping Festival, through the media, drainage, strong exposure up to 5 billion times, covering 600 million online shopping crowd accurate drainage make a lot of fans are also actively involved in. It is reported that this is the first to launch in the country to determine the operation of fans to get the resources available on the electronic business platform.

418 this year, suning.com will also be played with consummate customer service interactive marketing. In 18, 0:00, 8:18, 10:18, 14:18, 16:18, 20:18, 23:18, 7 hours, 24 hours to call consumers Suning agent service hotline, customer service call to ask the password "," call that password "input to the account after a chance to get free single award. Each time point selected 10 free single customer, the highest free single amount of 4999 yuan. For consumers to buy 3C electricity in terms of 4999 such a high amount of free amount is quite attractive, there is bound to be a lot of people are willing to try, participation and interactivity will be greatly enhanced.

of course, the big promotion activities eventually attract consumers mainly depends on the price of goods is not enough concessions. According to iResearch survey data show that from April 1st to 13, suning.com direct discount is 87.8%, the other 86% discount for the largest electricity supplier discount >

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