Electricity supplier war house price to take the amount of industry reshuffle round of a round of wa

electricity supplier war, who is in the interests of


data seems to show a price war to the domestic electricity suppliers are more serious losses. The status quo looks more and more far in the direction of loss. Some people think that the logic of the electricity supplier reshuffle is to see who can not support the first fall, to pursue the left is king]

every day, between the electricity supplier price fighting is not what’s new, but in June 18th the Jingdong mall store but a domino, the domestic well-known e-commerce platforms have "unwarranted" to join the cause of war, some people feel inexplicable.


in this war in the mall, suning.com, Tmall, Jingdong and Gome Kuba, dangdang.com, Amazon, a shop on a business tycoon involved. In order to attract the attention of consumers, the appliance manufacturers released huge profits promotion, as the anniversary Jingdong mall is known as none other 1 billion yuan.

price war for the electricity supplier, is to enhance their market share of the way, but also to stimulate the potential spending power. After the June 18th price war report sales data than usual a substantial increase." IResearch e-commerce analyst Ding Jiaqi first financial daily (micro-blog) "financial" reporters.

puerile, business house price quantity

Jingdong mall anniversary promotion of traditional long-standing, hit this year "history of the strongest anniversary month" slogan, a substantial promotion.

general merchandise played the full 299 yuan set back 618 yuan slogan. But in the fanquan rules indicate, return ticket for 5 full 200 minus 50 East voucher (limited daily), 2 full 300 minus 80 East voucher (GM) and 1 full 2080 minus 208 East voucher (limit luxury), and use the gift card consumers also cannot obtain discount coupons.

in addition, Jingdong mall’s books are also a substantial promotion, the implementation of 300 yuan less than $100, maternal and child supplies also have a full audience of 498 yuan to reduce the activities of $100.

integrated Jingdong mall slogan, promotional efforts are not small. But other electricity suppliers are also reluctant to let a veteran in battle Jingdong mall prodding, promotional shichuwuming directly play back the slogan of Jingdong.

Amazon China subsequently launched a Book of 300 yuan less than $100, and children’s book of the top 45% off of the activities of the book Dangdang also reduced by $100 to join the battle of $300. Alibaba (micro-blog) owned by Tmall in the hands of the Jingdong store strengths of 3C digital products, announced in the premise has invested 200 million yuan of subsidies, sales of electrical appliances commodities again 100 million yuan subsidy for Tmall, as long as consumers buy to a certain amount, will receive direct Alipay red envelopes can return any goods to buy Tmall.

Jingdong anniversary period, Chinese e-commerce market involving four. However, the data show that the major electricity supplier in this war, although

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