nvisible price who can endure Wisdom in the bid low price is the only criterion for shopping

2014, the domestic e-commerce in the innovation, according to the new "consumer protection law" the seven days no reason to return policy, Taobao and Tmall strong push "complement" policy, big brother Shi enclosure escalating business competition pressure is more and more big, all the more and more high. Based on the pressure of the electricity supplier leaders have taken the invisible price increase way to maintain profits, resulting in an overall rise in the cost of the purchase, which will undoubtedly be directly grafted on the cost of consumers.

forced consumers, you can endure? To 2 yuan dumplings difference, we can tolerate more than 500 meters away, if there is a channel, can purchase cost of 1000 yuan of the province, and are willing to spend more time? Intelligent network in bid (www.110bid.com) recent fire explosion prevailed, verified the price is the only standard of the truth when shopping.

in bid Chi in the network, through the bid treasure way success can buy goods at a very low price, even 2000 yuan millet 3, in Chile, in bid a few hundred dollars, tens of dollars can buy price. Even the creation of up to thousands of Yuan shopping price, while other users can purchase goods through the completion of the difference in the way. As prices kept rising, stop shrinking revenues, spawned more and more materialistic people, who will be in the bid group wisdom network user group is the main force, is also the site of burst out a low limit and power source.


wisdom in bid was the official bid treasure gameplay introduced


is hot bid treasure millet 3

is now the electricity market has been a buyer’s market decision, the seller decided to die price has been in the past decade, chi in the bid online completely by the user to determine and create commodity prices, will be a business on the market can not be ignored in new forces. Chi in the bid network in the future will set off big waves, can overthrow the giant, hidebound change over the years the pattern of electricity providers, so people look forward to.


wisdom in bid cartoon image


wisdom in the official bid screenshot

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