Research on the development and Countermeasures of e-commerce in China

at present, due to the application of electronic information network in business activities, the rapid development of global e-commerce, it is not only changing the traditional business model, and the integration between the industry and the adjustment of the economic structure has a profound impact, new market pattern and the rules of the game are formed. The accelerator effect of technical progress on economic development, the international society is undergoing the polarization, the digital divide is growing, developing and lagging economy, traditional industries and vulnerable social groups, will face greater challenges of survival.

the new century is a century dominated by high technology. In the first half of this century, the ability of creative use of information technology will be one of the important links to cultivate national innovation ability. Because of the information network business activities based on boundaries, departments and between countries. Therefore, the electronic commerce has become the general conditions of some developed countries to improve the business environment, promote economic growth and meet the challenges of economic globalization. In this regard, our country should pay enough attention to the strategy, and develop e-commerce as a long-term strategy to promote China’s national economy.

is a global e-commerce tide for the community to bring electronic and business changes in two levels, the former is a commercial means in the use of the change, the latter is the connotation of the business of the evolution of the body. As the electron microscope makes the human understanding of biology from macroscopic to microcosmic, the use of large scale computer makes human can decipher the genetic code, electronic commerce is the essence of information technology on the traditional business activities of a tool of revolution. The revolution has led to the commercialization of a series of high-tech achievements.

and e-commerce, traditional business is high cost, low efficiency and extensive. The biggest drawback is that the information channel between producers and customers is not smooth, because of the long feedback cycle, the results often lead to cyclical fluctuations in the economy, and affect macroeconomic stability. In addition, the traditional business is also prone to a variety of waste in the middle link, corruption. The social benefits of e-commerce are mainly embodied in the "direct" and "transparent" of the business activities". The "direct communication" of e-commerce can satisfy the law of diminishing marginal cost, and "transparency" will help to establish a good economic order, so as to improve efficiency. It is worth noting that not only electronic commerce transactions on the Internet. The significance lies in the fact that because of virtual transactions subject and transaction transaction process, the traditional production process and management mode will be reengineering.

since the last century since the end of 90s, China’s e-commerce has made significant progress in infrastructure construction, enterprise participation and business practices, the development of electronic commerce from one side of the strong support of the rapid growth of China’s information industry is an important pillar industry of national economy, at the same time, also for the entry into WTO after China’s implementation of the third step development strategy, participate in international competition, to provide better basic conditions. The results show that some large and medium sized enterprises in our country use advanced information technology to transform the enterprise

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