Dangdang cast 100 million do designer platform to fashion transformation

[Abstract] Li Guoqing said that the first three years did not intend to make money through the platform, within 1 years to achieve sales of 6 hundred million.

Tencent technology month on October 27th reported

this afternoon, Dangdang announced in Beijing, with the Chinese designer clothing design association to build a DANG.DHUB designer platform officially launched. Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing (micro-blog) said it would invest 1 hundred million in this designer platform, the first three years is not going to make money through the platform, within the next 1 years, the work of the designers of the sales of 6 hundred million to achieve the scale of 100.

it is understood that the current China International Fashion week 13 designers of the 2015 spring and summer series of new products will be on the platform Dangdang on-line, exclusive pre-sale. In addition, there will be other designers on the platform for the sale of personal brand.

worthy of attention is that this is also a step to accelerate the transformation from the clothing to fashion dangdang.

previously, Dangdang has been to the outside world is to sell the book business platform image, Dangdang in the second half of 2012 will be the focus of clothing as a business, sales soared from 500 million yuan in 2012 to $2 billion 700 million in 2013. At present, it has become the second largest category of clothing category Dangdang books.

at the beginning of September this year, dangdang.com held 2014 new autumn and winter clothing conference in Beijing, and announced a new T Taiwan acceleration program, to take a share of 60 billion in 600 billion in the apparel market.

today, Dangdang has officially replaced LOGO, and with a new idea of "dare Dangdang" appearance, while the new cartoon characters — when monkey announced.

Dangdang official said: 2014 is an important turning point in Dangdang, the proportion of non book business has more than 60%, the company is a comprehensive transformation of fashion electricity supplier, the need for a new image re interpretation of the brand connotation. And consumer demand more and more to fashion, diversification, personalized upgrade, Dangdang need to adjust the brand image to meet the needs of users."

With the introduction of various initiatives

, which means Dangdang in the transformation of the electricity supplier to the fashion further.

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