How to choose e-commerce in traditional retail business

traditional retail will be eliminated by the network retail or can be common development of this problem by the traditional retailers themselves. China Chain Management Association yesterday released the traditional retail enterprises to carry out online retail business research report pointed out that in 2013 is expected to exceed the size of the online shopping transaction 1 trillion yuan.

report pointed out that in 2009 China’s online shopping market transactions amounted to 248 billion 350 million yuan, accounting for the total retail sales of social consumer goods, an increase of 93.7%. The momentum of fast growth comes mainly from three aspects, one is the continuing pure Internet retailers, traditional retailers have OCS is two. According to statistics China Chain Management Association, in 2009 Chinese chain hundred enterprises, a total of 31 Enterprises (as of the end of May 2010) launched online retail business. Three upstream manufacturers continue to join. However, China Chain Management Association also pointed out that this does not mean that the traditional retailers to exit the stage of history, but should be better combined with their own advantages to develop online sales.

traditional retailers in the internal management level has a stable channel of purchase. Traditional retailers have a strong brand influence, the influence of its brand can naturally transition to the online retail business. In addition, the traditional retail industry has a sound after-sales service. At the same time, the relevant legal norms of the traditional retailers are relatively sound, the enterprise management is also in line with the requirements of the specification, the policy risk is low.

from the United States market, the retail network in the top ten is one entity chain operator B2C website. 2010 British online retail enterprises, according to the number of visits ranked the top ten companies, there are also opened a physical store 6.

however, traditional retailers in the transition process is not smooth sailing, logistics cost control, technology, personnel and other bottlenecks. The first is the logistics, reporters learned that Auchan had planned to carry out online shopping business in China, but because of the high cost of logistics delivery and stop. Secondly, the traditional retailers lack of technical level. The requirement of the technology of network retail is stronger, and the system is more powerful, stable and safe. In the network construction, marketing technology, consumer analysis and data mining technology has different from the traditional retailers. Traditional retail enterprises have generally established a sound system of enterprise information, but it is very different from the technical requirements of the online retail system.

China Chain Store Association pointed out that traditional retailers also lack professional network sales team. The traditional retail enterprises generally the most outstanding talent into the store operation or commodity management, but for the retail network and equipped with personnel input is obviously insufficient, it will cause the marketing short board, in the website promotion, merchandise display and sales promotion, customer service details were significantly different. Traditional retailers need to combine online and physical store sales. This proposal can learn from the success of the domestic e-commerce service provider V5shop. They studied e-commerce B2C 8 years, there are professional and practical achievements into

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