Electricity may not always be streaking into the scope of regulation of business sellers

Legal Affairs Office of the State Council, the Ministry of Commerce, the drafting of the "no retail business management (Trial) (Draft)" to be elected public opinion. The "draft" regulations, e-commerce platform "sellers", which require the approval or filing, should submit business license, business license, authorization certificate and other certificates, "without permission can push information to consumers". ("Beijing News" May 7th)

business platform "sellers" into the business scope of supervision, caused great repercussions, not only is the "seller", many buyers and spectators are worried that it will increase the cost of electricity providers, hindering the development of the electricity supplier. May wish to worry as a reminder, but not too much to enlarge this worry, not to mention the electricity supplier to promote the electricity supplier and the opposition.

can create a new consumer hot spots in a few years, affecting the way people live, electricity providers really amazing. It is also proved from a side that innovation is the vitality of a society, but also the competitiveness of a country. It is at this level now, from top to bottom for "Internet plus" very seriously, promote public entrepreneurship, innovation coming is extremely important and urgent. But after seeing the positive effects of the development of the electricity supplier at the same time, also want to see all sorts of chaos as the representative of the electricity supplier to fake. The existence of fake door, not only damage the interests of consumers, weakening consumer confidence, but also to the development of the entire industry has a negative impact.

an industry only health, in order to have a better future, only to get rid of the fake door, the impact of electricity business will run faster. On the reality of the market, even if it is difficult to say the perfect business, but also in the body. The idea that the commercial entities are in the business of supervision, is not the same as a fake? Can step back and say, if you say that the market can only make a passing point, no business regulation, can only be afraid of failing. It is from this point of view, the electricity supplier into the scope of industrial and commercial supervision is a necessary specification, but also a protection. Electricity supplier can not always think of the burden, and to stand in the healthy development of the greater development of the height, see the importance of industrial and commercial regulation of market ecology.

whether it is physical or virtual market, is the need for fair competition in the market. Business entities included in the regulation, e-commerce has a "naked", I am afraid this can hardly be fair. Ma and Liu Qiangdong had a question on the electricity supplier model of an empty dialogue, many of which are worth considering. The electricity supplier has become mainstream, to mention the transition stage, not the old "new" itself, as an emerging industry itself is also facing electricity supplier to create an upgraded version of the problem.

management is just a means, development is the purpose, the two are not contradictory, the key is how to understand the management, with what purpose, mentality, means to manage. May 6th executive meeting of the State Council pointed out that this year will continue to promote decentralization, put the tube combination, accelerate the transformation of government functions, to get rid of obstacles of innovation and development of the "blocking" effect, general business pain points and market supervision of the "blind spot" for entrepreneurial innovation > Wrecker

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