How to make your Taobao store business to a higher level

recently had a very red TV series, "the summer of foam", a Taiwan idol drama. There is one thing that is frequent, this little thing is a green lace, more simple point is a towel, this is a love this drama inside the token, for the male lead is a very important thing.

what would happen to the market if someone sold the green lace on Taobao?

a lot of people may have seen the TV show, I do not know if the green lace will be in real life, they will be the first to check in Baidu, and will not go to Taobao search. In Baidu’s results have been found in the sale of such a towel, is a forum post, mainly sales of two versions.

is a Handmade but also can customize the green lace towel is two and the similarity in the drama can reach 99% of the green lace handkerchief.

The result of the

is that more than and 300 of the items have been sold by hand and the similarity is less than 99% in 10.

because this drama was put in half, presumably this market is still very large. In fact, now many popular television dramas, movies are some similar things can be produced in the Taobao hot key is, you usually have to watch.


a, if you have such a business thinking, may be annoying is where I find products, this will not have to fear, Alibaba, there will be someone smarter than you. The green lace has also been sold on the wholesale Alibaba, the price of about 10 yuan, can be sold on the Taobao about more than and 30, a similar product about more than and 20 of the profits. Because in the minds of everyone Taobao is really can buy cheap unique products.

two, you can use the proper way to increase the physical transaction of your Taobao store credit rating, a few diamonds is not a problem. TV movies every day there will be the emergence of new, you can sell some of the things inside plot in your Taobao store, purchase from Alibaba is motivated, the key is the price of these products are no more than dozens of blocks, and the profit is not low.

three, promotion if you are first found, you are completely the first to write a blog post or article one of the commodity or product, you put on the inside of your Taobao store link, Baidu will soon be included, because only you such a result, so you are in the first row, so you can get a lot of traffic, the sales in Taobao, Taobao will have to get a better ranking of the products in the rankings, because your customers are not only look for such products in Baidu, he will find in Taobao’s.

four, personality characteristics of the product will also get more people’s favorite, if you are customized products, pay attention to a trend, you will

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