More than 8300 million nternet users China network era towards the network era

morning news (reporter Sun Yu) often online shopping for you, to know whether the shop owner what is? The day before, the ninth Alibaba network conference held in Hangzhou, the meeting Chinese society and development research center of Peking University and Ali Research Center for the individual owner, who issued the "survey report" in the open shop?. Data show that the majority of individual shopkeepers are living in coastal towns, young and well educated, highly educated but the values of the middle of the crowd. And there are 37% (accounting for the highest) of the shop owner said not only to make money, but more importantly, to experience a way of life.

in this survey shows that by the first half of 2012, the number of network operators China had more than 8300 thousands of online shopping users has more than 214 million people, accounting for the proportion of the total number of Internet users exceeded 42%, marked by Chinese Internet "netizens", "netizen" era to "network" era.

Ali believes that the individual seller features present in the Taobao shop is very bright, people living in towns accounted for more than 90%; male ones, accounted for 54.2%; more than 80% were born to young people in 1994 1981; education for senior high school and above the proportion of nearly 90%, college degree or above, more than 60%; family economic status is higher than the average value; the doctrine of the mean, pay attention to this family, do not want to make money. Among them, 46% of the individual owner said no employees, while the initial investment of less than $5000.

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